MTN Introduces Solar Chargers For Your Cellphones


A writer described technology as the great myth of our time and this is not far from the truth. With the introduction of solar energy, man got an alternative electric power. Today, solar energy does not only power your gadgets at home and offices, your cellphones will also benefit from it with the introduction of solar chargers.

MTN South Africa had on Saturday April 2nd, launched a cellphone charging bundle in the Eastern Cape designed to give people access to reliable energy.

This promotional package will be featuring World Panel’s SunStream which allows users to stream electricity from the sun directly into their mobile devices.

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World Panel’s managing director for South Africa Hennie Botha, said that the reason for lunching this package in Umtata [Mthatha] was to enable them cover the people in poorer areas who are yet to have access to reliable energy.

Speaking further, Botha said the Sunstream, which was founded by solar expert and entrepreneur John Anderson, was developed for customers who view their mobile device as a “lifeline”, but who lack the means to keep it charged.

“This is an LSM (living standard measurement) where people switch their phones off because they don’t have power. This gives them the opportunity to have access to reliable energy,”

By providing users with reliable and affordable power, Botha said that this innovation is a game-changer. “We are therefore pleased to launch this bundle with MTN,” he added.

World Panel had in November 2015, announced that they had entered into a retail agreement with African mobile communications company, Vodacom, to sell its newly developed solar chargers

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However, as at the time of its launch, the solar device manufacturer said that the solar chargers is the first technology in the world that combines USB charging standards with international solar panel standards. In addition, the product is water-resistant up to two meters.

The company explained that the new product is “made with a shatterproof glass face and a polymer case, which is UV stable and remains cool to the touch in extreme heat,” and can last for 25 years.

MTN will retail the World Panel solar charge for R219, including R20 airtime and by Saturday it will be available in 54 MTN stores nationwide.

Botha however said that the solar technology was not suited to integration with phones or tablets: “The moment you put a battery or circuit board inside it, you degrade the product.”

Botha said that the initial roll out of the product would be followed by mobile device bundles.

“Later on in the year they’re going to look at bundling it with phones.”