Msunduzi’s Ward 32 By-election: ANC Sinks Deeper, DA Soars


The African National Congress (ANC) gave the people of Msunduzi many reasons to reject the DA (Democratic Alliance) in Msunduzi’s ward 32 by-election.

For instance, ANC got its white comrade, Belinda Scott to storm Msunduzi Municipality and warn the people that the DA would do them no good.

Thus, Scott, the KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Finance advocated that she’s ashamed of being white because of the utterances of some white South Africans like Helen Zille.

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“The utterances by some of my fellow white compatriots make me ashamed,” she reportedly asserted in Woodlands during a campaign for the vacant Ward 32 in Msunduzi Municipality. The ward became vacant after DA Councillor, Clive Lotz defected to the ANC.

Campaigning for the ANC Belinda Scott referred to Helen Zille’s colonialism tweets which contended that the legacy of colonialism wasn’t only negative and said:

“…I want to speak from the heart. I have been walking today in this ward, (and) I hang my head in shame that the people in this ward support people like Helen Zille, a woman who supports colonialism.

Many of you young people‚ you must listen to your mothers‚ fathers and your grandparents and get them to tell you what colonialism means.

It means killing African people‚ it means treating Africans like animals‚ it means to silence your voice. A leader of the DA…said what is wrong with colonialism. Shame!”

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Other ANC big-shots made similar remarks about the DA. But then, the people of Msunduzi disregarded the ANC warnings, rallied behind the DA and ensured that its pastor candidate Shawn Adkin defeated ANC’s Merle Williams.

DA didn’t only retain the Msunduzi Municipality’s hotly contested ward. The party soared, gathering 53 percent of the votes which represents a 6 percent increase from last year’s local government elections.

ANC on the other end, declined by 2 percent. The party gathered only 44 percent of the votes.

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Commenting on the DA victory, Zwakele Mncwango the party’s KwaZulu-Natal leader said:

“Democracy has prevailed…I’m proud of the DA KZN team. We are excited with this victory. Voters have the power to punish corrupt and greedy politician and they have indeed proven their power to Clive Lots and the ANC.

ANC arrogance has fallen as they became biggest losers in this bi-election. The race card by Clive and ANC didn’t work at all, he made serious allegations when he joined the ANC forgetting that voters are not stupid,” Mncwango shared on Facebook.

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