Msimanga’s Taiwan Trip: DA Says Hypocritical ANC Doesn’t Care About Investment and Jobs


To the ANC, Mayor Msimanga’s Taiwan trip undermined South Africa’s foreign policy. Thus, the ruling party called for the confiscation of all official and diplomatic passports from the Mayor.

Reacting to ANC’s sentiment on the issue, Msimanga’s party asserted that “hypocritical ANC doesn’t care about investment and jobs.”

The Democratic Alliance (DA) party said ANC’s “petty (and) hypocritical” attack on Msimanga over his visit to Taipei in Taiwan, has again indicated how little the ruling party values job-creating investment in South Africa.

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Highlighting that there are 9 million jobless South Africans, DA praised the Mayor’s attempt to encourage investment in the country.

“…Our country needs to create jobs and fight poverty.

“This simply isn’t a priority for the ANC – they are a party of cronyism, fighting to protect corrupt interests. The people of Tshwane, like the rest of South Africa, come stone last.

“The reality is that their baseless attacks stem from their unwillingness to accept that they have lost control of many municipalities across South Africa,” stated Maimane’s party.

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Afterwards, DA argued that such international trips are allowed and, bragged that neither the ANC nor the national government it runs can dictate who DA Mayors meet with in order to obtain job-creating investment.

“Indeed, the former ANC Mayor of Tshwane, Kgosientso Ramokgopa, embarked on international trips to encourage growth – including a 12-day business trip to the United States.

The ANC should also be duly reminded – so as to end their glaring hypocrisy – that South Africa maintains relations with Taiwan through the South African Liaison Office in Taiwan.

That the party of national government chooses to ignore this in order to score cheap political points, demonstrates precisely why our country’s foreign policy is such a mess, no longer based on Madiba’s six pillars and most importantly, human rights.”

With the above, the opposition party affirmed that it is committed to creating jobs, delivering better services and stopping corruption.

“We will not let an uncaring, hypocritical ANC stand in the way of DA governments doing their job for all the people,” added the party.