Mshoza’s Skin-lightening Creams: Client Claims The Singer Ruined Her Wedding


A certain client and a bride-to-be allegedly ordered for some of Mshoza’s skin-lightening creams to achieve her desired appearance on her big day.

After doing a research on skin-lightening products in South Africa, the client known as Priya Khoshal said she sent Mshoza a message on Facebook, telling her how much she wanted to get rid of her skin problems in preparation for her wedding coming up in July.

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In response to the request, Mshoza reportedly told the woman that she could sell her some skin-lightening products that would make her beautiful for R20 000. According to Khoshal, she gave Mshoza the money in December and was told she would receive her products “in two weeks”.

However, it’s been three months and the products have not been delivered. Now, the disgruntled  bride-to-be said that Mshoza has been avoiding her. She claims she had blocked her on social media platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp and when she calls, Mshoza just hangs up.

“I sent her everything in December, and she promised to send the stuff in two weeks. Even now, I’m still waiting … when I call her she hangs up.”

As a result, Khoshal has accused the controversial musician of ruining her wedding plans as she didn’t get her delivery of Mshoza’s skin-lightening creams.

Meanwhile, Sowetan has reportedly seen Khoshal’s communications with Mshoza. This includes voice notes over Whatsapp, where Mshoza is heard saying; “Why did you write about me on social media? Do you know that I can sue you for defamation of character?”

On the other hand, Mshoza said the whole thing was a misunderstanding. She also shared how she became a victim of a scam. She narrated how a certain woman used her because she was famous.

“There was a woman from Swaziland that I was working with to sell skin bleaching products, but after a while, I realised that she was a con. She used me because I am well-known, and the problem came in when I would receive money for orders from people, and she wouldn’t deliver the products.”

Following the mystery woman’s escapades, Mshaoza said she has had to settle people from her personal money and Khoshal will not be an exception.