Must Read: Trevor Noah Lists Things Trump And Zuma Have In Common


South African comedian, television and radio host and actor Mr. Trevor Noah has launched another series of onslaughts on President Jacob Zuma and American President-elect Donald Trump.

Taking on the two world leaders, Trevor, a die-hard critic of Donald Trump; said the new face of America shares so many things in common with South African President Zuma.

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The “Daily Show” host said on Tuesday that Trump and Zuma are brothers from different mothers. Noah said like Trump, President Zuma has a large rural base, rains abuses on the media, threatens to lock up political opponents.

Spanking the world leaders harder, the wide-mouthed Daily Show host told his mammoth fans on Tuesday that Trump and Zuma also share allegations of serious financial conflicts of interest.

He also showed footage of Trump lambasting Mexican immigrants and that of Zuma labelling immigrants in SA as “criminals”.

Keeping his cool a bit, Trevor Noah asserted that the only difference between the two is President Zuma doesn’t have an influence on the South African judicial system, unlike Trump who does over the United States courts.

Johannesburg-born Trevor has continued to express shock after US mega-businessman Trump won the fought-hard race to the White House.

BuzzSouthAfrica recalls Noah saying after the election that he was sad that the U.S was normalizing and moving on so quickly from two glaring truths that were part of what happened in the election.

“There are people who put two things above everything else, and that is whiteness and then that is also sex,” he said.

Mr. Trevor Noah Slams Malema

Sometime in May, Noah drew comparisons between the campaigns of South Africa’s Julius Malema and the then US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Speaking during a press junket at the Daily Show’s New York studio at that time; Noah asserted that ideologically, the only thing that separates the two is distance.

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Mr. Trevor Noah is the host of American late-night comedy/commentary television program The Daily Show, succeeding Jon Stewart. The show airs on Tuesdays to Fridays on DStv Channel 122 at 9pm.

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