Defiant Malema Makes New Threats Against ‘Afrikaners Boys’


Populist leader of the red block and land expropriation agitator, Mr. Julius Malema has vowed to put the white males (whom he labelled Afrikaner boys) in their appropriate place if the EFF eventually takes over power.

Speaking to EFF supporters outside the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court on Monday, the tireless leader lamented that the black race has suffered a lot in their own land.

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Thrusting forth a sarcastic comment, Mr. Julius Malema asked his listeners whether Jesus died for black South Africans to suffer in this manner. He said it hurts him a lot each time he sees a black waiter/waitress, black farmers providing cheap labour, black security officers and black domestic workers suffering in their own land.

“…Why us? Are we a cursed nation? Did Jesus Christ die for us to suffer like this? What have we done to deserve such treatment in our own country? Why can’t you find waiters and waitresses that are white? Why aren’t we finding farm workers that are white?

Why aren’t we finding security officers that are white? Why aren’t we finding the domestic workers that are white? What have we done? … Why is it only us … who are working … providing a cheap labour?”

Mr. Julius Malema Lashes Out At AfriForum

Taking on his accusers, Malema slammed civil rights organisation AfriForum for laying the charges against him. He alleged that the organisation is nothing but a mere group of Afrikaners, who wish to re-awake apartheid in the country.

Infuriated with AfrForum, Malema vowed to place them where they belong if the EFF comes to power. He called on the ‘white males’ to pray to their ancestors Malan and Verwoerd that his party doesn’t come to power, as they will come for them.

He said the EFF is not talking or promoting violence, adding that he will not kill the whites but insisted that the land must be returned.

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“And if they don’t return it, I cannot guarantee what will happen next. I’m black I love blackness and that why I’m speaking for them,” Juju asserted.

The populist added that when EFF clinches power, then the white race will know they are visitors and black people are not scared of them.