Wits Former Student Leader Dlamini Mcebo’s Deception Infuriates State


As the University of the Witwatersrand’s former SRC leader, Mr. Dlamini Mcebo awaits the outcome of his bail application, the state has expressed dismay with him for telling the court lies on Monday.

Following his arrest on Sunday at his residence, Mcebo told the court on Monday that he had a test scheduled to be written on Tuesday. However, after an investigation, it was found that the student leader’s department had no test.

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Mr. Dlamini Mcebo, a father of two – as heard by the court, was thrown back to custody room on Monday after the court refused to grant him bail. He is currently facing charges of public violence, theft, malicious damage to property and assault in the Johannesburg Magistrate Court.

According to an affidavit read out by prosecutor Steven Rubin, Dlamini was said to be part of a group of protesters at Wits seen in a video footage throwing rocks at a police vehicle. The former student leader was also spotted punching a police officer when the latter tried to arrest him.

Speaking further, the state asserted that Dlamini has been instrumental in mobilizing student protests despite a court order against such actions at Wits. It also expressed concern that Dlamini might flee to Swaziland if the court grants him on bail.

“It appears that he is from Swaziland and our main concern is that he might go to Swaziland if released on bail‚” Prosecutor Rubin said.

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Dlamini’s lawyer‚ Mongezi Ntanga‚ protested against the allegations leveled against his client, insisting that he is not a violent person and does not have previous criminal convictions.

Ntanga maintained that Dlamini’s arrest is politically motivated, with the aim to destabilize the #FeesMustFall movement.

Meanwhile, the bail hearing continues.