Mpumalanga Initiation Schools: Police Probe Death Of Four Initiates


BuzzSouthAfrica has confirmed that the police is currently probing the death of four initiates at Mpumalanga initiation schools.

It earlier emerged that four deaths occurred at the Mpumalanga initiation schools in KwaMhlanga, Kwaggafontein, Vosman and Belfast. From our gatherings, all the four initiates aged between 14 and 21, had complications that led to their deaths.

Confirming this, the Mpumalanga police disclosed that a probe is underway. And, that a preliminary investigation discovered that one of the victims was 14 years old.

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That, the police pointed out, isn’t alright because the Mpumalanga Ingoma Act 3 of 2011 stipulated that no person under the age of 16 may attend an Ingoma as an initiate (umkhethwa).

“The circumstances under which he was admitted or accepted at that institution is a subject for investigation because the Act also states that a minor, may not attend an Ingoma without his parents’ or legal guardians’ consent,” stated the police.

Police further stated that:

“The consent contemplated must be in the format set out in Schedule 2 of the Act, meaning that the consent must be accompanied by a medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner declaring that such person is fit to participate in the traditional practice concerned and submitted to the person who holds the Ingoma.

In terms of the Act, any person who holds an Ingoma, must at all reasonable times for the duration of an Ingoma have the consent forms completed in terms of subsection (1), pertaining to the abakhethwa (initiates) attending an Ingoma, available for inspection.”

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With the above, police urged parents to talk to their children and make them understand the dangers of going to initiation institutions on their own.

Also, police specified that there must be a transaction between the parents and the owners of the initiation schools, warning owners of schools to not accept children who come on their own.

Owners must contact the parents before accepting them in terms of the Act, stressed the police.