Shocker! MP Allegedly Shares Penis Selfie To Lawmakers’ WhatsApp Group

An ANC MP has allegedly shared a picture of his manhood on a WhatsApp group which lawmakers use in communicating with one another.

A report on Sunday World says the man, who is also a senior ANC official in the province, sent the penis meme to the messaging platform. However, what cannot be ascertained at the moment is if it was a deliberate act to entertain MPs or a huge mistake.

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The embarrassing incident had party members speechless. When asked to comment, Limpopo ANC spokeswoman Khumbudzo Ntshavheni refused and directed all questions to ANC party caucus spokesman Phuti Lekganyane.

Similarly, Lekganyane described the issue as a personal matter which only the person affected can comment on.

“We regard this as a personal matter and our view is that the affected member must comment on the matter himself,” he said.

Nevertheless, Lekganyane said that despite the alleged incident, they still have confidence in their comrade. He dismissed the act as a possible strategy to destroy the image of the party’s MP “This could be viewed as one of the many ploys against the person”

A possible explanation by two senior ANC members who would want to remain anonymous suggested that the man may have been chatting with fellow legislature members and a female contact at the same time when the alleged incident happened.

“He sent the picture of the penis to the group instead of sending it to the companion. We don’t know if he sent the picture unwittingly or deliberately,” suggested the ANC member.

However, another party member on the WhatsApp group said some female members of the chat group were embarrassed. They actually felt that their colleague was sexually harassing them.

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“You see there are elderly women in the chat group and I’m told they were unhappy with him. But they all decided to close ranks because he is their fellow comrade and they protect each other.”

Meanwhile, the MP in question has remained mum over the matter. All attempts to reach him were to no avail as he did not answer calls and ignored the text messages sent to him.