Planning A Stowaway? Enlighten Yourself With This


The headless body of a Mozambican stowaway man who tried to hitch a ride on a flight from Johannesburg to the UK was found lying on the rooftop air conditioning unit of an office block.

It is believed that the man took a nosedive from the jet at a reasonable distance. The Mozambican stowaway who was identified as Carlito Vale is believed to be at the age of 29 at the time of the incident.

It is assumed that Vale was still alive before he fell from a distance of more than 400 metres to his death following the opening of the undercarriage of a British Airways flight last June.

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In the flight with Vale was another stowaway aged 24 who survived the journey. But due to critical injuries which he sustained during the course of the journey, he was admitted into a hospital from where he later escaped.

Vale’s headless body was discovered after it shattered the housing of an air conditioning unit which led to several complaints of heat by the staff at an online shopping company

Police inspector Steve Lemon said:

“It appeared the body had fallen from the sky. Due to the height it had fallen and the force on the landing the body was completely decapitated and had smashed through the metal panels”.

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Through the information contained in a bag with a Mozambique passport left at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, Vale was able to be identified. Further investigation led to Vale’s daughter who was traced in Mozambique and DNA tests results confirmed his identity.

Believed to be born in 1986‚ Vale was among the countless children taken in by an orphanage in Beira during the civil war in Mozambique. After a postmortem examination on the body of the Mozambican stowaway, cause of death was concluded as multiple injuries.