Motion To Dissolve Parliament: Did You Know EFF Sold The Idea To DA?


BuzzSouthAfrica reported earlier that the United Democratic Movement (UDM) rejected DA’s proposed motion to dissolve parliament.

UDM specified that it won’t support the Democratic Alliance (DA) sponsored motion for the dissolution of the National Assembly.

In a statement, the party which initiated the latest motion of no confidence in President Zuma, asserted that the mandate of the current government will end in 2019 and, that it is working towards that end.

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Already, the Chief Whip of the DA John Steenhuisen MP has submitted a motion calling for the National Assembly to be dissolved.

“The DA will now push to have our motion moved above the line and debated as soon as possible. Such a motion requires a majority of the members of the National Assembly to support it in order to pass.

“It thus provides the ANC with another opportunity to do the right thing. Going to an early election is now the best way to respect the will of the people,” remarked the Chief Whip.

However, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) like the UDM, said it won’t entertain the motion of the DA to dissolve parliament. Why? “Because it is disingenuous”.

“If the Democratic Alliance truly wants Parliament to be dissolved, all they need to do is to resign all their members, as well as their Party from Parliament in line with Section 46 (1) of the Constitution which states that the ‘National Assembly consists of no fewer than 350 and no more than 400 members’.

“Once the DA which has 89 members resigns, Parliament would not meet the constitutional requirement as per Section 46 and thus would dissolve,” stated the Fighters.

Having said that, EFF disclosed it previously approached the DA in order to get the parliament dissolved. According to the Fighters, this happened when the Constitutional Court Judgement on Nkandla found that Parliament failed to execute its duties in holding Zuma accountable.

EFF pointed out that DA outrightly rejected the idea despite the Court Judgement which implied that the 5th Democratic Parliament is illegitimate.

“We, therefore, call on the DA, if they are genuine and mean business, to stop wasting parliaments time and simply withdraw from the body as it will meet their required objective,” added the Fighters.

Meanwhile, the DA urged EFF to support the motion to dissolve Parliament and show South Africans that they are committed to bringing a new beginning for the country.

DA admitted that EFF first tabled the idea to dissolve Parliament.

“Malema himself previously called for Parliament to be dissolved in March 2016 following the Constitutional Court judgement on Nkandla,” DA said and noted it’s unclear why EFF changed its mind on the issue at the country’s hour of greatest need.

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To the EFF’s claim that the Parliament will dissolve if DA’s MPs resign, DA said:

“This is simply not true and is a misrepresentation of the Constitution, a view that has been confirmed by Constitutional law experts.

…Were the DA, or any other group of 51 or more MP’s to resign, Parliament would not dissolve – only a motion, such as the one submitted by the DA yesterday, under section 50 of the Constitution can dissolve Parliament.”

Above all, DA reiterated its challenge for the Fighters to support the motion to dissolve Parliament and show South Africans their seriousness about fighting the ANC and President Zuma’s corruption.

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