For The First Time, EFF Prepares Motion Of No Confidence For Zuma


EFF has never actively participated in all the Motion of No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma tabled befor the Parlaiment.

They’ve always boycotted the motions saying Zuma’s rumoval must be led by a black movement.

The Fighters think now’s the perfect time to do away with President Zuma. Their lord, Julius Sello Malema has disclosed that they’ll be tabling a Motion of no confidence in President Zuma in Parliament.

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Juju isn’t entertaining unrealistic beliefs about the motion. He knows that the ANC caucus in Parliament – the majority – are likely going to shield Zuma from falling.

Thus he promised that the Fighters would take the fight to the courts if the motion fails.

Malema proclaimed that the state capture report has shown that Zuma is phony. As such, he argued that he must be removed and shouldn’t preside over the process of appointing a commission of inquiring into the state capture report findings.

“You can’t say the same crew you’re investigating must be the one that appoints the people who are going to investigate him.

…This guy must now be removed from office because he’s not fit to occupy that office. It requires a person with particular skills. So the man is deep into the pockets of the Guptas and the demand for him to go is justifiable,” Malema stated.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) party expressed similar sentiment when it asserted that Zuma must resign to allow the recommended judicial commission of inquiry.

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DA welcomed the remedial action highlighted in the report which requires the President to appoint within 30 days, a commission of inquiry headed by a judge selected by the Chief Justice.

The party also welcomed the requirement for the Public Protector to bring to the notice of the National Prosecuting Authority and the DPCI (Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation) the matters identified in the report where crimes have been committed.

“The release of the report is another victory for the Constitution, the rule of law, the fight against corruption and state capture by the Jacob Zuma and the ANC,” commented the federal leader of the DA.

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