Home Affairs Declares Mos Def ‘Undesirable Person’ As He Leaves SA


For his conduct, Mr. Smith Bey (Mos Def) will be declared an undesirable person by the Director-General of Home Affairs in terms of Section 30 of the Immigration Act of 2002.

He will therefore not qualify for a port of entry visa or admission to the republic, says the department of Home affairs.

Mos Def was arrested earlier this year in Cape Town while he was trying to leave South Africa with the world passport which SA doesn’t recognise.

Home Affairs subsequently levelled criminal charges against Mos Def saying he contravened the South African Passports and Travel Documents Act.

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In a media statement, Home Affairs related that the United States musician has apologised to the department for contravening the provisions of the Immigration Act, No. 13 of 2002. The department said:

“In his apology, he acknowledges and accepts that the Immigration Act (No. 13 2002) sets in place a system of immigration control, which, inter alia, regulates and administers foreigners entry into, residence in and departure from the Republic of South Africa, and that, in so doing, the Immigration Act prescribes that a foreigner may only depart from the Republic of South Africa (RSA) if he/she is in possession of a valid passport.

Further, Mr. Smith Bey has also stated that he acknowledges and accepts that a foreigner may only depart from the Republic upon presentation of a valid passport and that a world passport is not a valid passport in terms of the Immigration Act.

This is clearly a vindication of the position we had taken on this matter, including the fact that we do not recognise the world passport. Mr Smith Bey has unreservedly apologised to the Government of South Africa and more particularly to the Department of Home Affairs for his actions and for any inconvenience and/or prejudice this may have caused.”

With that, Home affairs added that Mos Def has applied for and will be travelling out of the republic on a US passport and that his travel itinerary has been confirmed.

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“The department is satisfied with the apology and has agreed in principle for him to depart from South Africa on Tuesday, 22 November 2016. Based on his apology and the confirmation that he will depart on 22 November 2016, using a valid passport, the department will withdraw the charges against him, on Friday, 25 November 2016, in his absence,” added the department.

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