Watch: Mortuary Attendants Hijack Dead Body At Cemetery Over Unsettled Debt


Mixed reactions and backlashes from the social media have continued to trail the story of a dead body hijacked at a cemetery by enraged mortuary attendants.

The funeral, which took place on February 11 2017, in Ghana was going well until the two enraged mortuary attendants with Tema General Hospital stormed the Tema Community 9 Cemetery and seized the dead body over a GH¢40 (R112) unpaid debt.

In the public view of mourners, the mortuary attendants got to where the body was being interred, seized the coffin, opened it, picked out the dressed corpse and headed back to the mortuary with it.

Family members of the deceased were chilled to the marrow as they watched and could not do anything to stop the enraged attendants.

A local media outlet reported that the family of the deceased took the body to the cemetery without clearing their debt at the morgue. Some sources revealed that the dead body was carried off while the mortuary attendants were attending to other families who came to take their loved ones.

However, the internment commenced shortly after some friends and elderly men intervened.

All around the world, so many bizarre and sacrilegious things happen during funerals – so many of them often make people cringe.

Recently, the social media has been abuzz with lots of criticism and backlashes after a story on how a Ugandan woman shoved down a whopping $5,700 into her dead husband’s coffin went viral.

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The man, simply identified as Charles Obong, reportedly died on December 17, 2016, after a long sickness. Prior to his death, he instructed his wife in his will, to bury him with Ugandan Shillings 200 million (over R7 million).

The money, as he stipulated, would be used to bribe God to enter heaven. Not only that, he also requested that his brother and sister should be present to ensure his wife follows his testament to the letter.

However, luck ran out on the ‘dead man’ shortly after his burial on Christmas Eve, in his hometown in Adag-ani Village, Aromo Sub-county in Lira District, Uganda, when details of his will came to light.

During a family meeting, his wife was forced to confess what transpired. Obong’s siblings Ngole and Aber, who acted as witnesses to the ‘transaction’ also opened up to the amazement of their kinsmen.

Obong’s wife confessed that apart from the ($5,700) in the coffin, she had planned to bury an additional Shs180 million in her husband’s coffin on a later date, with the help of a funeral service company, who would help dig open her husband’s grave.

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On learning this, one of the members of Obong’s clan, chief, Mike Gulu, immediately ordered for Obong’s corpse to be exhumed. The body was exhumed and the money subsequently retrieved.

Unfortunately for Obong, he was reburied without the money. Reports had it that Charles Obong, 52, had feared that his sins which included corruption during his time in theUgandan government service would condemn him to hell. Thus, his bizarre request for the money.

Watch as mortuary attendants hijack a dead body the Tema cemetery, Ghana