The rape crime is wildly considered to be a crime against women. The society generally sees men as the “unrapeable” especially when the allegation is about a female-on-male rape. It simply doesn’t appeal to the logic of the masculine stereotype of our societies where the male child is expected to be always strong manly and exercise authority over the females. How can such a being be vulnerable? How can be he raped? Male victims of sexual abuse by females are simply not possible. Males are ever ready, willing and always enjoy sexual activities, he can’t put up an erection or have an orgasm and claim to be raped. Oh, he’s a lucky chap!

Those are some of the widely held convictions that have downplayed female-on-male rape crimes, and as seen in most cases, assured the dismissal of the male victims as lucky. Nevertheless, the world gets wiser each day, and the crime is being increasingly regarded for what it is. That, however, have done nothing about South Africans seeing more of the crime in the country well-known for its outrageous records of rape crimes.

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According to reports, a 31-year-old man from Hazyview, hitchhiking between Phalaborwa and Hoedspruit was raped by the three women who gave him a lift in their BMW 320i. Reporting this event, News24 related that police in  Phalaborwa, Limpopo, have alerted residents to avoid hitchhiking after the incident.

Constable Elvis Mongwe, Phalaborwa police spokesperson narrated that the man had a painful erection after taking the soft drink one of the women gave him. They drove him to a deserted area where they took turns raping him at gunpoint without condoms. Then, they robbed him of his cellphone, took his R300 and dropped him off at Eiland near Gravelotte where the man made his way to the main road and was helped by a motorist who brought him to the police station.

The Constable advised people to use public transport and not hitchhike as it exposes them to the danger of being robbed, raped or even killed.

Meanwhile, some of the instances where female gang raped men in South Africa, are fresh in the memory of anyone who is really bothered by such crimes. For instance, a 33-year-old Zimbabwean man as reported at mailonline on the 11th of May this year “was raped at gunpoint by three well-dressed South African women” who harvested his sperm.

Before that, The Citizen reported about the case of a 31-year-old man gang-raped by three women in Tembisa, on the East Rand. The victim who was hitchhiking in Germiston was given a lift by three women driving a BMW. He was later gang-raped by the three women who kept him as a sex slave for days.

That’s not all, sometime in April last year, there was the case of a 25-year-old Gingindlovu man who was picked up by three women in their navy Toyota Tazz while hitchhiking, and was eventually raped thrice by each of the three women. Also, another hitchhiker was raped by three women when he accepted a lift in 2008. The 20-year-old man hitchhiking from Alkmaar to Nelspruit in Mpumalanga got his lift in a Toyota Venture occupied by two men and three women. They then drove him to a bush where the men pointed a gun at him and the three women took their turn to rape him.

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