Another Distasteful Post About Blacks From Another White South African


Barely three days after Penny made a Facebook post that caused a lot of uproar and made people revolt and threaten her, another white South African has taken to Facebook to support what Penny did and to blast blacks for reacting to Penny’s post. In her opinion of Jeanine Soekoe Ferreira, Whites are the original owner of South Africa and are only just accommodating blacks.

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According to her post, she thinks whites are the original owners of the land because black people have no deed of ownership and only produce fakes in court. She also made it clear there will be no food or education for the black man if the white people don’t give it to them. Read her post for yourself:


In the post, she used words like “ugly face” “fraudulent” “lazy ass” to describe Blacks. Did she say “match in here and take what is not yours?” If my history is correct, it was white people who matched in here and took what did not belong to them. Decide for yourself if she has a point or if she is just looking to be recognized.