Moody’s Is The Economic Hitman Of Imperialism, It Must Go To Hell” – BLF


The Black First Land First (BLF) movement says Moody’s is the economic hitman of imperialism, belongs to hell and must be chased out of South Africa immediately.

BLF was reacting to Moody’s warning against Radical Economic Transformation. The rating agency warned that it would chase away investors and ultimately, cripple the country’s economy.

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Acknowledging Moody’s warning, BLF asserted that “the imperialist, racist, rating agency” is out to get rid of the plans of Radical Economic Transformation.

To the movement, Moody’s is the economic hitman of imperialism; created to terrorize nations and scare them away from serving their people.

BLF upheld that Moody’s warning about Radical Economic Transformation is “sheer nonsense”.

“It is … not true that radical economic transformation would be bad for the economy. As we speak, South Africa is getting out of a technical recession and the currency itself has been protected ever since the Competition Commission found banks to have been illegally manipulating the currency, and as a consequence, the rand has strengthened,” BLF stated.

The movement argued that Moody’s is only instigating a new panic against Radical Economic Transformation because it has now realized that its plans with former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and other agents of imperialism to sabotage the economy is not working.

“(We are) very clear that black people have suffered permanent economic exclusion and therefore the solution to this is radical economic transformation.

“Moody’s has come out clear against land expropriation without compensation, the mining charter and preferred pro-black procurement policies. Moody’s is an agent of white monopoly capital and it wants to maintain the status quo,” asserted the party.

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Having said that, BLF urged the government to chase Moody’s and other rating agencies away from the country.

“We call on our government to pay whatever monies owed to Moody’s and other such rating agencies and ask them to leave the country alone.

 ” …We say to hell with Moody’s! Moody’s get out of South Africa! Get out of our affairs! We want land now and we are going to take it!” BLF stressed.