Mobile Advertising In Africa: It’s All About Numbers

The massive increase in the ownership of smartphones in Africa has forced many tech giants to think crucially about how to effectively utilize these big numbers. Most of the social media platforms and mobile apps serve as a platform for potential advertisers to reach their audience; mostly without causing direct financial implications to the users.

The latest move has been made by the communication platform, Truecaller. Recently, Truecaller made some announcement regarding their plans to roll out their ads platform in this fast-developing continent which has experienced a tremendous growth especially in the area of mobile phone technology. That move by Truecaller shows that when it comes to mobile and digital marketing in general, the numbers are the ones that speak.

It all started with the widespread access to the internet in Africa which is still far below other continents but opening up new doors of opportunity. The fact is, as the years go by, more and more Africans who have access to the internet via mobile or smartphones are on the rise and most brands are now able to reach millions of current and potential customers through the internet. Going by the latest developments, different brands in Africa will be able to reach to more than 40 million Truecaller users in Africa. Analysts view this as a smart move made by the company in the bid to monetize the app.

Mobile Advertising in Africa

In 2016, Truecaller rolled out contextual advertising where brands were able to promote themselves on the app through Call Intent Targeting (CIT). Under this method, brands can engage users through custom messaging right at the moment when they are using the app to search phone numbers. The ads can also appear in the form of notifications after the user has received a phone call. This means there is a likelihood of an app user to see the message that the company is conveying through the app. Truecaller has made it possible for various businesses to engage users further by customizing their ads to reflect the brand image. This move without a doubt makes for an easy connection of business with their clients.

So far, their ads platform has been a success story in other countries such as India where the company has worked hand in hand with Google’s Sales Team to expand its business. Some of the countries in Africa that the company is targeting to roll out its ad platform include Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Morocco, and Ghana. According to the figures, Nigeria has more than 5 million impressions per day while Egypt has more than 15 million. The volume of impressions is also expected to go up in the coming years because the number of smartphone users are also anticipated to rise.

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The company’s chief commercial officer attributes the move to the high number of consumers who spend more hours on a mobile phone than on any other electronic device. Previously, the computer was the only means by which people could get online, and because of how expensive desktop computers were, not many could afford it plus the problem of mobility. Moreso, the advent of the laptop saw this mobility issue somewhat reduced but the fact still remained that most people, especially in Africa, could not afford it and some still found it fairly difficult to carry around.

The smartphone came as a much needed gadget as the rise of its usage was unprecedented. Many businesses didn’t see it coming. Now what can be done on a desktop or laptop can be done on the smartphone, plus it is affordable and tailored towards classes of people. The most important factor, however, is the fact that interconnectivity is a feature of all and the Truecalller capability is also present therein.

He further says that the company is optimistic of experiencing immense success in Africa and brands will find a better way to promote their awareness. Right now, it is the matter of waiting to see how the numbers will behave with these new changes and how other popular apps adapt.

While the Truecaller app is expected to gain incredible momentum in the coming years, other businesses are also poised to benefit from mobile marketing advantage. Interestingly, the African continent is no longer regarded as an insignificant market to target as the mobile usage of her citizens is on the rise and only the smart businesses and tech giants that are abreast with the right information will know exactly how to utilize such opportunity.

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