Maimane’s Presidential Handbook Spells Doom For Zuma And His Flamboyant Lifestyle


Ten months after the Presidency officially announced Zuma’s Presidential Handbook a public document; the leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) has unveiled his ‘unambiguous’ Presidential Handbook – which sets to trim President Zuma’s flamboyant wings.

Maimane disclosed that Zuma’s official Presidential Handbook “is an open-ended and toothless instrument that has done next to nothing to curtail his careless spending”- hence, the purpose of unveiling his two-folded Presidential Handbook.

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He recalled that Zuma’s Handbook provides guidelines for the administrative, logistical, security and general support services to be rendered by the state to the president, his or her spouse and dependent children, and the deputy president and his or her spouse.

Not only that, he said the so-called 20-page official Presidential Handbook was “written with Zuma’s lifestyle in mind” and also mandates that the South African National Defence Force [SANDF] provides a suitable aircraft or charter with in-flight catering for the presidency’s account.

Nonetheless, Maimane said his Presidential Handbook “sets quantifiable limits on Zuma’s expenditure, removes any ambiguity — such as a swimming pool being charitably termed a fire pool and seeks to avoid any future Nkandlas and blue light brigades‚ R4bn jets and bloated VIP Protection Services”.

Contends Of Maimane’s Presidential Handbook

Reports had it that provisions in Maimane’s handbook would cut back state support to the spouses of South African leaders. It would also:

• Compel the president and deputy president to disclose all business interests; as well as the business interests held by their families; in entities that conduct business with national government;

• Set clear restrictions on business interests in entities conducting business with the national government, stipulating the president or deputy president cannot have business interests in any entity if he or she directly or indirectly owns or controls more than 5% of the shares, stocks, membership or other interest of that entity;

• Stipulates what should occur in the event of a breach of the Presidential Ethics Code — including impeachment proceedings; a Public Protector probe or referral of the matter to the Constitutional Court;

• Cap total spending on spousal support at 45% of the president or deputy president’s inclusive annual remuneration package;

• Compel leaders to travel only with dedicated South African National Defence Force aircraft or; when unavailable‚ commercial airlines;

• Cap the cost of vehicles at 15% of the pay packages; and prohibit their replacement during the president or deputy president’s term of office;

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• Restrict state-paid travel to official business;

• Cap spending on security upgrades at R1m with upgrades exceeding this amount subject to approval by Parliament; and

• Prescribe that the President and Deputy President’s financial interests be published in the Government Gazette annually.