Mmusi Maimane Receives Strong Backlash Over Controversial Tweet


Social media users had a field day on Wednesday following the emergence of a controversial tweet by the national leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) Mmusi Maimane.

Maimane, on Wednesday, posted a tweet condemning the racism in a criminal matter that saw two white men battering and forcing a black into a coffin.

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Although the blue block leader hit the nail on the head, however, where many felt he made a boo-boo in the tweet was when he decided to attach a mob justice meme to his tweet.

He tweeted: Waiting for the two #coffincase people who act in despicable manner against the South Africa we ought to build. Racism must be destroyed.”

In reaction, many social users hurled piles of strong negative reactions at the meme. An apparently dissatisfied twitter user with the sobriquet @nealcol posted: “Tweet of the day @MmusiMaimane, pass me a rock”. #CoffinCourtCase

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Others who followed suit argued that the best way to resolve hatred and violence is by abstaining from hatred and violence. Other appalled users expressed disappointment with the leader’s tweet.

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Nevertheless, Mmusi Maimane’s tweet surpringly pulled a few persons who saw nothing wrong in the meme. To them, his meme doesn’t in any way reflects the true picture of the message he passed across.

@KarenKirsty said: “..dear Mmusi…please send photos of puppies cuddling to express your horror at abject racism.”

Another supporter Xolani Zondo (@XondoZ12) said of the photo: “a meme is not a representation of actions. Please. Let’s see this for what it is. A visual representation of feelings.”

On Wednesday two white men Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Martins Jackson appeared on charges of kidnapping and assault with intent of grievous bodily harm to a black man Victor Rethabile Mlotshwa.

Mlotshwa was racially attacked for allegedly trespassing on their farm. The incident took place at JM De Beer Boerdery next to Komati Power Station.

The 20-second video of the incident went viral after being posted on Youtube on November 7. Not only did the video trigger anger on the social media, most political parties marched down to the court yesterday to show off their anger and also support the victim.

Many believe Mlotshwa was humiliated simply because of his blackness. The case continues on January 25.