#HandsOffMashaba: DA Leader Defends Mayor Herman, Vows To Fight Back


The leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) Mmusi Maimane, on Thursday, took up the cudgels for Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba, whose administration is currently in a tight spot.

Speaking during a #HandsOffMashaba march in Johannesburg, Maimane condemned the African National Congress (ANC) members in the province for tabling a motion of no confidence in Mashaba.

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According to Maimane, the city of Johannesburg means everything to the DA and the party will do everything within its power to protect it from the devouring claws of the ANC.

He lamented that Mashaba is being witch-hunted by the ruling party for no good reason, adding that “the ANC knew he would be a good mayor, but they had no idea just how good he would be.”

Maimane added:

“My fellow South Africans, today the ANC want to vote to remove Herman Mashaba as mayor of this great city. But their reasons for wanting to remove him have nothing to do with any failure on his part to do his job. The demonstration was prompted by the ANC’s motion of no confidence against Mashaba

The ANC knew he would be a good mayor, but they had no idea just how good he would be. His all-out war on the ANC’s legacy of corruption and looting that brought Johannesburg to the brink of bankruptcy has really shaken them badly. They are upset and embarrassed, and for that they want him gone.

We will not let them win. Herman Mashaba is our mayor. He loves this city and he has sworn to make it a better place for everyone who lives here, works here or visits here. The crooked cadres can never, and will never, beat the unity of the people of Joburg.”

He expressed deep regret that Johannesburg, which is the heart of South Africa’s economy, was neglected, mismanaged by the ANC previous administration and that Mashaba’s effort to revamp the city is now by frustrated by the same people who left the city in ruins.

“This metro was brought to its knees by a toxic combination of theft, fraud, and crony politics. Nothing was maintained, very little new projects were built while billions of rands ended up in the pockets of crooked politicians, crooked staff and the crooked businesses that collude with them…,” he continued.

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Now, that Mayor Mashaba is working harder for the poor, cleaning up corruption, fixing the bankrupt budget, delivering more basic services for all, cleaning up the inner city, building a volunteer spirit across the city, and bringing Joburgers together, Mmusi urged the opposition to rather join him in making the city better rather than baselessly fighting his administration.