MKMVA Pledge Support For Zuma Against All Odds


Irrespective of the countless accusations looming over President Jacob Zuma, Umkhonto weSizwe’s Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) has pledged unconditional support for him.

In the wake of unfolding events like his controversial relationship with the Guptas and the recent ruling on his Nkandla homestead, calls for Zuma’s resignation have been coming from all directions.

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Both members and non members of the ruling party are using Zuma’s scandals as a platform to kick against his leadership and call for immediate resignation.

The straw that actually broke the camel’s back was Zuma’s relationship with the Guptas and the family’s alleged influence over major appointments in government and Zuma’s Cabinet. This paved the way for those who want him out by all means.

The Guptas have been accused of capturing the state by offering South Africans ministerial posts right under Zuma’s nose. This was revealed after some of their targets came forward to confess that they were offered ministerial posts by the Guptas, while some said they were summoned to the Guptas Saxonwold estate in Johannesburg. All these were done with the intention of positioning their businesses to attract lucrative contracts from the government.

The communist party SACP gave Zuma two options – to step down or sever ties with the Guptas.

Again, Twenty Five ANC military generals, led by former communications minister Siphiwe Nyanda, have unitedly called for an early ANC elective congress in a bid to get rid of Zuma.

Speaking for the MK Military Veterans Association chairman, Kebby Maphatsoe damned all circumstances and said this organisation of veterans stand strongly behind Zuma.

Maphatsoe said:

“The president is one of our own. He is the patron in chief of the MKMVA, so when he is under attack we should stand up and defend him.” 

Maphatsoe lambasted Zuma’s critics for trying to displace the president and accused them of working towards their own selfish interest.

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Maphatsoe said;

“We want to express our grave disappointment at those among us who call themselves general, who call for the removal of the president using the mass media and attracting the favour of white monopoly capital.”

One of SA’s richest billionaires, Johan Rupert, got his own share of Maphatsoe’s anger yesterday for adding his voice to the call for Zuma’s removal. Maphatsoe described Rupert’s utterances as unpatriotic, maliciously racist, and frowned at the arrogance of white monopoly capital.