Police Constable Rapes And Blasts His Brains Out With Official Firearm


Possibly, it was the same demon that cajoled him into raping his fiancee’s younger sister that urged him to blast his brains out.

Whichever-way, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) is investigating an inquest docket for rape and murder.

A Mitchells Plain’s police constable reportedly raped his fiancee’s younger sister and killed himself thereafter.

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As alleged, the Mitchells Plain’s police constable raped the victim who is also his fiancee’s younger sister, before shooting himself with his official SAPS firearm in the head.

Relating this IPID narrated that “the victim who is 18 year old had just come back from school when the member who was at home sleeping threatened the victim with his service pistol and raped her.

She allegedly asked to go to the bathroom and allegedly upon seeing her crying he proceeded to shoot himself.”

They were alone in the house at the time of the incident. The victim was later taken to the doctor for a medical evaluation and it was found that her allegations are consistent with recent vaginal penetration.

Inquest was opened and IPID is still conducting investigation.

Meanwhile, Pietermaritzburg High Court sentenced a traditional healer to five life sentences for ‘healing’ patients by raping them.

The traditional healer  allegedly ‘healed’ four bewitched male clients by raping them.

Natasha Ramkisson-Kara, the National Prosecuting Authority spokeswoman disclosed that the traditional healer approached the family of the youths with a prophesy saying they will all die unless he cure them.

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Subsequently, the four youths were sent to the traditional healer’s home. There, he convinced them that sexual penetration was part of the cure to prevent the prophecy of death striving to send them to graves.

The High Court handed the traditional healer five terms of life imprisonment for each of the rapes and an additional 10 years for the rape of one of the boys.