‘Stop Spreading Misleading Rumors About Me’ Zuma Warns


The presidency is not happy about the many misleading rumors about Zuma which has been flying from mouth to ear of late in the nation.

Honorable Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma himself is not happy with the way a gossip mill has been created specifically to tarnish his image.

Of late, our sweet President has been on the news almost always. And everything written about him is either negative, abusive or excessively scandalous.

It’s always been about EFF’s character assassination of Mr President, Guptas, arms deal, corruption here and official thievery there.

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Quite frankly, every negative happening in the country has a way of being explained as Zuma’s fault. Fair enough, he’s the leader of the nation, the ultimate decision maker. Who else is more qualified to be blamed?

Zuma however wants to be cut some slack. He said he’s disturbed by yet another misleading story in Naspers titles about “Zuma’s aircraft and flights”.

The Presidency in a media statement said it has become a trend for misleading rumors and gossip to be reported by journalist Ms Erika Gibson in City Press and Rapport every Sunday, purportedly emanating from a source or sources within the South African Air Force.

“The President did not refuse to fly in any aircraft as reported…The Presidency requested that a reliable aircraft be made available on 23 May 2016 in order to avoid another inconvenience too soon after Qatar, where the Presidential plane, Inkwazi broke down again, resulting in the need to source an alternative aircraft to enable the President to return to South Africa.

The City Press report that the President was on his way to Durban to deal with issues relating to the change of Premiers in that province is also incorrect. The President was on his way to Durban to officiate at the launch of the new Toyota Hilux and Fortuner models on Tuesday, after which he needed to go to Cape Town to chair Cabinet the next morning,” reads the statement.

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The Defence Force has indicated that it is looking for long term solutions to the plane debacle which affects both the President and the Deputy President, the statement added.

In the light of all this, the presidency urges everyone to desist from spreading misleading rumors about Zuma to avoid issues at home and tarnishing the country’s image abroad.