Desist From “Bleach” Illegally Sold By Church As Multi-Pupose Drug – MCC Warns


People have been warned by the Medicines Control Council (MCC) not to use a “bleach” also known as “Miracle Mineral Solution” being sold by the Genesis II Church as a product confirmed to be “effective in the treatment of various medical conditions‚ including HIV/AIDS‚ cancer‚ autism‚ type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus”.

Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) as the solution is called “is presented as two separate bottles‚ one purporting to contain a mixture of herbs and sodium chlorite‚ and the second purporting to contain citric acid”.

Registrar of Medicines Dr JC Gouws explained further:

“In accordance with the directions for use‚ when the two solutions are mixed‚ chlorine is released‚” 

“Sodium chlorite which the combination turns into is commonly used as a bleach and must not be mistaken for sodium cloride (common salt).

“It is included in disinfectants or bleaching agents for domestic use. It is also used to control slime and bacterial formation in water systems used‚ such as at power plants‚ pulp and paper mills.”

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Dr. Gouws warned that the Miracle Mineral Solution product is not registered as claimed by those distributing it.

“Manufacturer‚ sellers and distributors claim that the product is registered by the Medicines Control Council”‚ however, it “has no record of such registration or of an application for registration”.

Continuing, he warned that since the “quality‚ safety and efficacy of the product have not been evaluated, the sale of the said product is illegal in terms of the provisions of the Medicines and Related Substances Act”.

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For the safety of innocent consumers who are vulnerably manipulated by these distributors, the Medicines Control Council requested for “consumers to refrain from using any unregistered medicine.” And to make it easier to fish out those responsible, consumers are admonished “to report any adverse reaction they experience from using any medicine.”