Minister Zwane Loves And Serves The Guptas Better Than His Job And SA- DA


Despite the Guptas’ recent decision to sell all their shares and leave the country, the Democratic Alliance thinks the family’s influence in the SA government is still strong and effectual and that Mining Minister Mosebenzi Zwane is helping the family.

The shadow minster noted that most government parastatals were still serving the family despite stern warnings by citizens. He pointed the finger in particular at Mining Minister Mosebenzi Zwane, who he said was serving his “clients”, the Guptas, well.

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Maynier said that the news that the committee was now recommending that an inquiry be established to work out why the Guptas had been snubbed was evidence that the influential family is being prioritized over the well-being of National Treasury and the Reserve Bank, as well as the future of the country.

According to him, the recommendations to establish a judicial commission of inquiry that will investigate the allegations surrounding the termination of banking relationships with Oakbay Investments,is “a ‘political hit’, not just on the banking sector, but also on National Treasury and the South African Reserve Bank”.

And it proves that, although the Gupta family may now be less brazen, they are just as influential at getting exactly what they want from President Jacob Zuma.

Maynier went on to say that the fact that the minister of finance, Pravin Gordhan, was a member of the inter-ministerial committee, his disappearance form the meeting shattered the credibility of the committee and its recommendations, and suggests Cabinet are divided on how to deal with the Guptas.

“We will therefore petition President Jacob Zuma not to establish a section 84(2)(f) judicial commission of inquiry. In the end, the announcement by the minister is likely to cause further market turmoil, currency weakness and make a sovereign ratings downgrade more likely in South Africa.”

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Minister Mosebenzi Zwane said the Cabinet has resolved to ask President Jacob Zuma to establish a judicial inquiry into the banks and their actions against the Guptas‚ as well as to review the legislation that governs the banking system.

Zwane issued the statement on Thursday evening‚ following a marathon Cabinet meeting held on Wednesday.