South Africans Are Too Inward Thinking – Minister Lindiwe Zulu


Addressing her audience at an ANCYL gathering in commemoration to the 40th anniversary of Soweto uprising, Minister Zulu – the Small Business Development Minister lashed-out at South Africans for being ‘too inward thinking’.

“You either get it happening for yourselves, or you don’t. Government will create the necessary conditions for you to do that and I have said to you, it is not possible for us to cover everybody.

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I have been around the whole world, and whether I am in London or Italy or in Paris, I come across students from the African continent, hustling. I doubt that many of us want to go out there and hustle…

South Africans are too inward thinking, they don’t want to go out there. They are afraid of even just stepping out of South Africa itself.” Zulu lashed and urged South Africans to step out of their comfort zones and explore the world.

Minister Zulu as well lashed-out youngster abusing the opportunity given to them to study abroad.

According to her, she was “flipping angry” when she learnt that a group of South African medical students studying in Cuba spent more  time in church than in class.

“I am a product of the ANC sending me to Russia to study. I spent six-and-a-half years. I did my journalism and I came back with a masters degree in journalism.

I speak Russian, I speak French, I speak kiSwahili. I didn’t learn them just from sitting here at home, I learnt it because the African National Congress gave me an opportunity.

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That is why I was so flipping angry when I heard about what the students were doing in Cuba,” Zulu added.