‘There Is No Legal Or Constitutional Reason For Zuma To Resign’ – Minister Rob Davies


Once again, President Zuma’s cabinet minister Rob Davies has thrown his weight behind the embattled president. There is no gainsaying the fact that this year has been the most challenging and difficult for President Zuma since he came into power.

To drive home this fact, there have been court cases lined up against him, starting from the Nkandla debacle to the 783 corruption charges laid against him and the latest of them all-which is ‘the spy tape saga’.

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It is also obvious that opposition parties have not been quiet and considerate after the Concourt ruled that president Zuma violated the constitution.

However, irrespective of the dark cloud hanging over him, he still has the backing of some ANC members and cabinet ministers.

Speaking more about the incessant calls for Zuma to resign on Friday, Department of Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies asserted that calls for Zuma  to step down have nothing to do with recent court rulings.

The minister, who spoke to BBC’s HARDtalk in an interview rather stated that the impeachment calls were entirely opposition strategies to see the ruling African National Congress ousted.

Davies said, “Much of the noise that there is around the need for the president to leave office is not founded on Constitutional Court rulings. It’s founded on a desire to try to replace the governing party which has not yet completed its mandate and which continues to serve the people of the country.”

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When asked if he was happy to continue to serve under President Zuma‚ who had “violated” the country’s Constitution‚ the minister said‚ “there’s no legal or constitutional reason for the president to leave office. It becomes a political question.

What we’ve got is a functioning government that is continuing to serve the interests of the people of the country and I am very happy to continue to serve in that regard.”