Minister Pravin Says Those Who Attack Him Are Supporters Of Corruption


Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has lashed back at his critics saying they are counter-revolutionaries who prevent people like him from improving the lives of South Africans.

Finance minister Gordhan, who was speaking at the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation Heritage Day banquet in Johannesburg, said he and few others who focus on seeking the good of ordinary South Africans have had their hands tied up by corrupt officials.

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He said these counter-revolutionaries are determined to stand in the way of those willing to better the lives of South African citizens. They protect the corrupt and attack enemies of corruption.

“Today we even have a propaganda machine that’s unashamedly protecting the corrupt, attacking the enemies of corruption and constantly co-opting, obviously with a lot of money, individuals and state institutions to serve their very narrow purposes,” Said Gordhan.

Gordhan’s statement follows persistent urge by the public that he report himself to the Hawks as demanded.

Recently, the youth wing of the leading ANC called on the minister to desist from acting like an angel or Jesus Christ meant to save the country from corruption.

The group said Minister Gordhan was using the media as a shield to evade answering to the hawks on emerging issues relating to corruption.

They reiterated that he was part of many companies as a shareholder and that he never came out clear to dispute it until today because we are still expecting him to say, ‘No, I don’t own any company in South Africa that is doing any business with SOEs’.

 ANCYL said Minister Gordhan must report himself to the Hawks and quite showcasing ‘holier than thou attitude’

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Meanwhile, the finance minister said fights between government officials affect government’s interest negatively and “if we don’t understand that weakness, if we can’t correct it and more importantly it has the damaging effect for many years.”

“We must all respect the law, Hawks or no Hawks,” Gordhan said, pointing out that as the struggle for good governance advances, the contestation for resources intensifies.

“Every citizen is equal before the law”Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan added.