Open Your Ears SA, ‘These Mickey Mouse Parties Can Never Remove Zuma’ – Minister Nathi Mthethwa


It appears President Zuma is gaining more support even when everyone thought and feared the beleaguered president will soon sink alone. Despite his plights, the Arts and culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa has renewed his support for Zuma.

Now, don’t ever think or even imagine that President Jacob Zuma is all alone in his wide and wild predicaments. No, he is not because he has got the backing of some notable and loyal party members. Some ANC stalwarts too have openly showed loyalty and solidarity to the embattled leader.

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And while thousands of South Africa staged a #ZumaMustFall protest during this year’s Freedom Day, someone out there has summoned enough courage to reaffirm his stance with President Zuma.

Speaking at the annual event at Giyani Stadium in Limpopo, Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa asserted that the African National Congress (ANC) respects the Constitution and that no one will remove President Jacob Zuma.

Minister Nathi Mthethwa Backs Zuma

Mthethwa said, “Anyone who says that the Constitution is under threat is mistaken as it is this Constitution that prescribes that the government of the day should be elected after every five years. President Zuma and his government were elected in 2014 and they’re expected to bow out and go and renew the mandate in 2019. It is going to be so.”

He also slammed and satirized opposition groups for being ignorant of the weight of the ANC in the country as it will never be on record that South Africa’s sitting president was removed through impeachment.

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“There are no newbies who are going to tell the electorate what to do, we know what to do. Those Mickey Mouse political parties must know that there’s only one governing party in South Africa and that’s the African National Congress,” he boasted.

Mthethwa told opposition groups to be grateful to ANC for liberating them from the shackles of slavery and bondage.

“All of them must thank the African National Congress and the Constitution that today they are able to march and share their views; it is their right and we respect their rights.”