Minister Mbalula Says Mantashe Is Not Fit To Be A Leader


Sport and Recreation Minister Mbalula has labeled African National Congress (ANC) secretary-general Gwede Mantashe a “snitch”, accusing him of having a secret relationship with opposition parties.

The minister, who was speaking to pro-President Jacob Zuma ANC members, including SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni, on a WhatsApp group, said he had lost respect for Mantashe and that members of the party need not allow his likes to remain in the party.

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The WhatsApp group is allegedly coordinated by Zuma’s son Edward.

Minister Mbalula said in a series of messages to the group chat, that Mantashe could no longer be trusted because he colluded with the opposition.

The WhatsApp group includes some ANC leaders and members, lawyers, intelligence operatives and state-owned company officials, including SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni.

But, at the time of his comment on the group Whatsapp page, the Managing Director of Blackcap Petroleum, Winston Innes was the only one at online- which explains why the messages have found their way to the public.

The two got into discussions on matters affecting the ruling party and Wilson Innes related his disappointment at how key party leaders keep secret meetings with the opposition.

“It’s sad to see our heroes reduce themselves to the ‘house negro’ who does his master’s bidding. One would have thought these would be people with a higher moral fibre than most especially having lived under an oppressive regime,” he said

“Let’s say maybe he was expressing his fears but how do you ask to do this. People who are not ANC members. My SG has seriously lowered the guard and compromised the standing of that office.”

In response to this, Mbalula said: “This is more than snitching.. he must come out clean.

First he was sent to discuss coalitions; he then even weakened the ANC further,

Malema exposed Gwede badly. Snitch,” he further said.

To this also, Wilson said: “Comrade Fikile you can’t ask a snake why he bit you, it’s who he is. You’ve got to deal with that snake accordingly,”

Minister Mbalula was referring to a report by the publication that Mantashe pleaded with the EFF leader Julius Malema to help him end Zuma’s Gupta-linked nuclear plans when they met privately to discuss municipal election coalitions.

Malema revealed this under oath in an interview with then public protector Thuli Madonsela who interviewed him as part of her investigations for the “State of Capture” report, which implicates the Gupta family, Zuma and other senior government and parastatal officials in possible corruption.

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Mantashe denied the allegations, whereas Malema stands by what he told Madonsela.

Sport and Recreation Minister Fikile Mbalula also denied it’s him in the WhatsApp messages but City Press reported that it had confirmed it was his phone number.

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