Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba Cheating Scandal: Everything We Know


Minister Malusi Gigaba Cheating Scandal: Last week, South Africans were entertained by a nuclear battle that erupted on the social media between two glamorous women.

Sadly, the man at the center of the brouhaha was South Africa’s new finance minister Gigaba Malusi, whose dirty linen was re-washed in public – to the excitement of his mammoth fault-finders.

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Malusi’s revilers swelled overnight after President Jacob Zuma handed over the baton of Treasury headship to him when he reshuffled his cabinet on 30 March.

More so, since it emerged that he is a very close friend to the Gupta family, as allegedly EFF leader Julius Malema, there’ve been strong speculations that he was appointed as act as a channel for looting at the Treasury.

The feud between Gigaba’s wife Nomachule Gigaba and Buhle Mkhize – also known as “Boo Slayer” was reignited after she had an interview with eNCA journalist Ayanda-Allie Paine.

The purpose of the interview was to give her the opportunity to answer queries about the influence she wields over her husband and to ascertain whether public money is spent on her expensive habits, among other things.

Paine, however, made mention about her husband’s affair and asked Nomachule why she previously attacked Mkhize on the social media for having an affair with Malusi Gigaba.

She answered: she replied: “This was my husband. I’m the one he made vows to and I had to take care of the situation.”

And that’s how the second war began. Buhle immediately took to Twitter and tore Gigaba’s wife Norma limb to limb, making several accusations against her.

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A volley of tweets from Buhle questioned Norma’s qualifications and alleged that she has connections to the Guptas. The minimally clad Instagram queen also accused Norma of lying and called Minister Malusi a “very black frog”.

While the Malusi-Norma-Buhle conflict lasted, social media users poured much contempt on both female combatants.

So far, Here Are What We Know

Buhle Mkhize Was Minister Gigaba’s Former Mistress

KwaZulu-Natal-born Mkhize is an all breast and bottom show-off Instagram slay queen. Though she now resides in New York, where she works as a stylist, she began an online affair with Minister Gigaba in 2014 – just a few weeks to Gigaba’s wedding with Norma.

The relationship started on Instagram and later via private SMSes. The minister reported kept his wedding report from Mkhize until the latter found out on his Instagram page on his wedding day in 2014.

In November 2015 She Posted A letter Titled ‘The Affair ‘ On A Gossip Site

In the said letter posted on the site –, Mkhize disclosed about the affair but Minister Malusi denied the claim and this got the stylist mad. Gigaba’s wife afterward weighed in and Mkhize apologized but kept sharing a spot with Norma in the minister’s heart.

This got Norma madder and she called Mkhize a prostitute. The ‘mistress’ got engaged by Norma’s comment.But Gigaba’s wife stood by the comment, causing Mkhize quietly go her way.

Mkhize Had Received A Substantial Gift To Stay Away From Malusi

The slay queen confessed to receiving a ‘gift’ from the minister to back off from the relationship

“He claimed he was just giving me a gift because he felt bad that I’d lost someone I love and went through so much because of him … his verse was now how much he loves me but must do what’s right, the usual married man crap.”

The Incident Has Towered Gigaba’s Ex-mistress Up To Great Height On Twitter

Following her revelation, Buhle Mkhize, whose twitter handle is @buhlemkhize85 had an additional 29 000 followers on Twitter.

The Gigaba Family Has Remained United Since War Started

Since the online scuffle broke out, minister Gigaba has fully supported his wife. On Friday, the couple was spotted having a good time in Cape Town home. Norma reiterated that she will ever support her husband come what may.

She, however, insisted that the interview with eNCA was a set-up to inflict political damage on her husband’s career. But eNCA’s editor in chief, Anton Harber, hit back at Norma for the accusations.

“How was it a set-up? We invited her and she accepted. She even had a discussion with the anchor beforehand on what would be covered. You cannot blame the questioner for the answers,” Harber said.

Significantly, the interview was broadcast by eNCA in three parts from Monday. On Tuesday, the finance minister was queried about the scandal when he appeared before Scopa to answer questions from MPs.

Meanwhile, Norma, who has two sons with Gigaba, said she felt her husband’s affair was karma, as she was Gigaba’s side chick when he was married to his first wife.