Wow! Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu “Sleeps Very Well” Because Of Her Confidence In SAPS


While most people think that South African Police Service (SAPS) has not been living up to expectations, others have confessed that the security agent has been so wonderful and diligent.

But, whatever thought you have about SAPS, the best you can do is to keep it to yourself because South African Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu has found no fault in them.

Speaking on Tuesday to journalists at a media briefing in Pretoria after the relaunch of the Women’s Network and Men for Change programme of the SA Police Service, Sotyu related that she sleeps very well because she is well aware that the SAPS has been tackling the high levels of crime in the country.

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“When it comes to (the question of) us having sleepless nights, oh, ek slaap baie lekker (I sleep very well). I don’t have sleepless nights because I know that I have men and women in blue who are trained to deal with such …

The programme that I was talking about, of us trying to professionalize the police, it includes everything. We have even changed our curriculum at the training colleges so that we include elements like human rights. We do sleep, we don’t wake up at night thinking.”

The Women’s Network and Men for Change structures came on board in 2003 and 2004 respectively to champion the rights of the most vulnerable groups.

The programmes seeks to ensure that female emancipation is realized while Men for Change handles the critical role of eradicating gender-based violence and the challenges faced by men in policing.

 Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu Hopes To Restore Faith In SAPS

The deputy minister Maggie Sotyu also assured her audience that police authorities are working around the clock to restore people’s faith in police. In addition, she said two task teams have been set up to address the issue.

“There will be a second task team that will deal with transformation. That is where many (sic) of the work will happen in trying to professionalize the police.

As soon as we deal with individual police officers, their conduct and how to behave and all those things, I think then the atmosphere between them and communities will be much better.”

From now, within three years to come, we will see a difference in the relationship between ourselves and members of the community,” Sotyu said.

Meanwhile, three SAPS constables were arrested last month in Mpumalanga on charges of corruption by the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks).

According to Hawks provincial spokesperson Lieutenant Dineo Sekgotodi, the men were arrested after they cut off four Mozambiquan nationals driving in Komatipoort  and robbed them after forcing them to another location.

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The incident, which took place on Wednesday, 27 April was later followed and it was found that the four Mozambicans had cash amounting to R360,000 when they were obstructed by the SAPS officers.

Also, the four officials robbed the remaining passengers of cash, cellphones and bank cards. Upon investigation by the Hawks, two of the officers involved were picked out in an identification parade while the remaining two officers were arrested later.