Rooyen Picks On SA Media, Calls On Foreign Comedian To Deal With Them


Perhaps, Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) minister Des van Rooyen might have patiently waited for this day. He must have also seen the gathering an avenue to voice his bitterness for the numerous perceived ‘negative’ or ‘erroneous’ headlines paraded against him by SA media.

To him, the media has been so unfair, pessimistic and wide-mouthed, especially in reporting sensitive issues that raised eyebrows in the country.

Speaking at the launch of the Auditor-General’s 2014/15 report on municipalities on Wednesday, the minister unleashed his anger on South African media for being unpatriotic.

The minister opened his can of criticism on the media after a journolist made a positive observation in the course of the meeting.

“I must commend the gentleman who started by commending on the good work. For the first time since we have been here‚ I heard such a comment. I think it’s applaudable” (sic).

“All the questions posed‚ they are so negative. They are all on the negative side. They are not focusing on the positive side.

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The minister bashed the media harder by suggesting that South Africa media needs to be spanked by American comedian, Kevin Hart.

“Look‚ really‚ I don’t understand how we approach some of these things as South Africans. We need a person like the American comedian Kevin Hart to come and tell us on how unpatriotic our media [is].

And I think that is highly evident in how you pose your questions. You start with the negative and I don’t think you ever have time to think of the positive as a way of showing your patriotic position on some of these things.”

Rooyen, thereafter thanked the journalist for acknowledging “the good performance that is not visible to some of your colleagues.”

Lately, Minister Des Van Rooyen has been under fire after it emerged that the government spent a whopping sum of R500 000 on him and his family by providing them a cosy accommodation a five-star hotel.

The hotel has an amazing view of the city of Pretoria‚ on a month-to-month basis since January 1. Surrounded by a lot of controversy, Van Rooyen (the president’s favourite minister) was appointed as the Minister of Finance by President Jacob Zuma on December 9 last year.

His appointment, however was short-lived as four days later, he was appointed Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister

Notably, American comedian and actor, Kevin Hart visited South Africa in March on a new stand-up comedy tour. In the course of his performance, the royal Bafokeng family dubbed him the local name- Mpho.

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“My new name is Mpho and what it means is a Gift. Basically, giving the gift of laughter and the present… I take things like that very seriously and I’m humbled by it, so you guys when I’m here, call me Mpho,” he said at that time.

Hart, an avid basketball fan also visited Phokeng to show his support for the NBA’s outreach efforts in South Africa