Minister Bathabile Dlamini Allegedly Addressed Crowd Drunk – Report


In what appeared to be a strong contradiction to ANCWL president Bathabile Dlamini’s earlier defence that she knew “no alcohol”, minister Bathabile, on Friday, proved South Africans right again – that she most likely “knows alcohol”.

Reports reaching BuzzSouthAfrica had it that the minister was slammed on Friday for addressing members of the public while allegedly drunk. The sources said Bathabile raised eyebrows while speaking to members of the public at the Germiston Civic Centre in Ekurhuleni.

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The Citizen reported that the minister was allegedly “unsteady on her feet” and struggled to stand and sit down while the event lasted. Not only that, she also reportedly leant on the microphone stand in a bid to support herself from dropping on the floor.

Reports had it that the minister kept many waiting for 3 hours and when she finally showed up, the people who stayed back were shocked by the content of her address – which they said had no links to the purpose of the gathering.

Bathabile allegedly deviated from the topic at hand and started telling her audience how she grew up, the schools she attended and about how women generally do not visit the bars.

When invited for comments, the minister’s spokesperson, Lumka Oliphant denied that the minister was drunk. She insisted that Bathabile doesn’t know alcohol.

This is not the first the minister has been wrapped in an alcohol allegation. Last year, an alcohol allegation which subsequently brought her to tears was levelled against her by local residents in Port Elizabeth.

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While presenting her budget vote in Parliament in May 2016, Minister Bathabile told opposition parties who continuously heckled her over the allegation that “she doesn’t know alcohol and will always cry if she is hurt.”

“Andibazi utywala mna [I don’t know alcohol]. I do not drink at all. People who know me, know I don’t drink,” she told opposition MPs at the time.