ANC Succession Race: Minister Motshekga Has Made Herself A Thorn On ANCWL’s Flesh


The African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) is currently in a state of nerve over the shocking influence of Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga on some of its members.

Motshekga, a former ANC Women’s League president, is a staunch supporter of Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidential bid and is said to have been using her influence to pull a good number of ANCWL members to her side.

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Recall that the ANCWL national leadership had, on several occasions, affirmed that their support as a league is strictly for former AU chairperson, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, who is seen as a major threat to Ramaphosa’s presidential ambition.

But, Motshekga is said to have given her blessings to Ramaphosa and has been working around the clock to see that the deputy president succeeds President Jacob Zuma.

She has also been a central figure in rallying several league branches behind Ramaphosa and has been calling on all her supporters in the league’s branches to back Ramaphosa as the next ANC leader.

Despite not being a leader in any official women’s league structure, the Minister is said to have caused anxiety among the national leadership due to her dedication.

Early this month, she was spotted alongside Ramaphosa during a women’s league event in Randfontein, west of Johannesburg. According to an ANC insider, the Minister’s decision to support the deputy president is because she believes in him.

“…Wherever she goes, she pulls a huge number of women to her side. That’s why they are threatened. She is a ground worker. If she believes in something, she goes for it. The tension that you see now … she turned them,” the sources said.

Last month, a mild drama played out between the league and the minister after it emerged that Motshekga has been canvassing for her preferred ANC Presidential candidate under the banner of ANCWL.

She was later warned by the ANCWL to desist from undermining the organization as it “will not take it kindly if Cde Angie or any of ANCWL member or supporter undermines the unity of the organization.”

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In response, she hit back at her successor Bathabile Dlamini, denying allegations that she’s trying to “lead from the grave”, as alleged.

“The content of the ANCWL media statement is sadly so cheap, petty and actually silly and regretfully this makes it difficult for one to even engage with it constructively without risk.”

“It is disappointing that an organization to which I have dedicated a large portion of my life because it is meant to help women rise up together can release a petty media statement aimed at trying to bring a fellow woman down,” she said.

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Although Motshekga enjoys a significant support within the league, she, however, lost her bid to be re-elected as ANCWL president in 2015 to Bathabile Dlamini.