Million Gume Claims He Scares Crocodiles Away With His Bare Buttocks


30-year-old Limpopo man Million Gume is not afraid of swimming in a crocodile infested river everyday. The weird reason behind his courage is the fact that he is not afraid of the crocodiles instead they are afraid of him (his bare butt to be precise) . According to Million Gume, once he displays his naked butt at the crocodiles, they go away.

He proudly described it as bum swimming. “I’m the king of the bum swim,” he laughs and gives a demonstration of the bum swimming by diving into the water and sticking his naked bum in the air.

“The crocodiles are scared of me! When I jump into the water and realize that the crocodiles want to attack me, I just show them my bum and they move away. I then carry on with my famous bum swim,” he told Daily Sun.

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Million Gume  from Mhinga Village in Malamulele, Limpopo said he’s been swimming in the Luvuvhu River for five years now and has somehow managed to survive the dangerous animals in the river especially the crocodiles. Most of the rivers in the area are known to be home to many crocodiles and a lot of the locals have lost their lives in the dark waters probably devoured by the crocodiles.

Million Gume said people enjoy watching him swim when they come to the river. On Wednesday afternoon the SunTeam met him playing in the river. George Matiyani, headman of the Mhinga Tribal Authority said Million must watch out.

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“The crocodiles aren’t scared of his bum. They will drag his bum into the deep waters and chew him up,” he said.

Matiyani warned the kids to stay away from the dangerous rivers in the village to avoid being eaten by crocodiles, he said the crocodiles often kill people.

“The most recent victim was fisherman Thinashe Hove, who was attacked on 24 January. And the body of a 45-year-old man who was killed last month hasn’t been found yet.”

We really hope that Million Gume’s balls doesn’t become breakfast soon.