Seven-year-old SA Girl’s Novel Makes World History


Ask her who she is, she’d introduce herself as Michelle Nkamankeng and say: “I am a humble little girl who is an author. I am confident in myself and inspiring young children to follow their dreams.”

To the world however, she’s much more than who she say she is. She’s the youngest author to gain the top 10 youngest writers spot in the world.

As culled from an EWN report, seven-year-old Michelle Nkamankeng made history as the youngest author from the African continent to make it in the top 10 youngest writers in the world.

The young author, wrote the book at the age of six. She said the story was about a little girl called Titi and her family who lived far away from the beach.

“One day they went to the beach but she was afraid of the waves and her family helped her to conquer her fear,” Nkamankeng related.

The novel, ‘Waiting for the Waves’ is the first part of a four series. And, was launched at Wits University’s education campus in Parktown.