MetroBus Crashes Over A Bridge In Braamfontein – See Photos


Early this morning, the driver of a Metrobus lost control of the bus on the Queen Elizabeth Bridge near Park Station crashed through the barrier and landed on the ground with its rear still propped up against the bridge. The driver of the bus was lucky to escape death but only sustained some injuries even though the extent of his injuries has not been ascertained.

Emergency crew immediately flooded the place and are working on how to remove the bus. The bus was said to be empty of passengers as the driver was about to begin his rounds for the day.

As efforts are being made to remove the bus, inquiries are equally ongoing to ascertain what had caused the crash in the first place. Some attributed it to the slippery roads from the rain that fell the night before, but considering the layout of the road, others believe that the bus might have had a fault or two. Opinions are not certain since the driver is still in the hospital and the bus is yet to be checked properly. Scroll down to see more photos




bus crashc

Image source: Traveller24

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