K9 Killer: Meet The South African Dog That Won A Gold Medal


You probably want to get a gold medal someday for an exceptional work, same with me. While we wait for our day to win the medal, let’s celebrate this dog that already has one. Don’t let your ego get in the way, the dog is not just a dog, but a dog with a gold medal. The poacher-hunting dog in South Africa was awarded a medal for his uncommon work that helped in no small way to save endangered rhinos.

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Famed as K9 Killer, the dog is a special service dog tasked to hunt down rhino poachers in the country. Over the past four years, the dog worked with an anti-poaching team at Kruger National Park. And with his efforts and tracking skills, K9 Killer and his team are responsible for the arrests and prosecution of over one hundred and fifteen (115) poachers.

Usually, K9 Killer and his handler, Amos Mzimba, are flown by helicopter to track and apprehend armed poachers when sighted or when a dead rhino is discovered. Mzimba narrated that the brave dog once saved him when a poacher was shooting at him.

“It is an honor to have Killer by my side. It means a lot that he has been recognized for his skills…Thanks to him, we are arresting more poachers, but there is a lot more to be done if we are to save the rhino from extinction” he said.

K9 Killer was awarded by British comedian Ricky Gervais, who praised the five-year-old Belgian Malinois and the Kruger National Park’s Special Operations Team for their efforts to care for the endangered rhinos.

“He helped capture dozens of poachers in the last year alone, thanks to his amazing courage and dedication,” he said.

Bruce Leslie from the Environmental Crime Investigation Unit commented that “a gold medal for Killer is amazing and it is really quite humbling that a dog can get an award for the achievements that he’s made and acknowledge for actually saving hundreds and hundreds of rhinos in Kruger Park.” Below is a video footage of the celebrated dog.

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