Meet The Pearl Thusi Sisters: Prunella and Pamela Thusi

Pearl Thusi has two sisters; Prunella and Pamela Thusi. The duo have gained huge media attention in recent years as a result of their big sister’s ground-breaking achievements in the entertainment industry. Being influenced by their sister’s career choice, they first tried their hands at acting before choosing different career paths.

Interestingly, Pamela and Prunella Thusi are as beautiful as their sister, Pearl Thusi. The trio pose enviable siblings’ goals, having been fond of each other. Pearl’s younger ones are very supportive of her career and often celebrate her achievements. It won’t be surprising if both decide to return to pursue a full-time career in showbiz soon.

Who is Prunella Thusi, Pearl Thusi’s Sister

  • Full name: Prunella Sanelisiwe Thusi
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: June 25th
  • Ethnicity: Zulu
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Prunella Thusi’s Parents: Bhekiziwe Thusi (father)
  • Siblings: Sithembile Xola Pearl Thusi and Pamela Thusi
  • Famous for: Instagram star, Pearl Thusi’s sister
  • Prunella Thusi’s Instagram: @prunella_thusi
  • Twitter: @Prunella_Thusi
  • Facebook: @SanelisiwePrunellaThusi

Besides attaining fame as Pearl Thusi’s sister, Prunella Thusi is an Instagram sensation, who often shows off her great fashion sense and a luxurious lifestyle on the social media platform.

She was born in Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Although her year of birth is unknown, the Instagram queen celebrates her birthday on June 25th. She was raised alongside her sisters by their parents. Prunella’s father is Mr. Bhekiziwe Thusi, while their mother’s name is yet unknown.

Sadly, the Thusi sisters’ parents are late. While their mother passed on in the year 2004, their father died in 2020. Following their mother’s demise, Prunella and Pamela were taken care of by their sister, Pearl, who was financially well-off than other members of the family at the time, even though she was just at the earliest stage of her career.

Pearl Thusi’s Sister is a Fashionista

Prunella Thusi is a gorgeous lady who loves showing off her beauty and impeccable fashion sense on social media. She loves looking good and is passionate about wearing matching outfits. Her excellent taste for good-looking shoes, bags, and accessories doesn’t go unnoticed in her social media posts.

She also loves rocking great hairstyles that best compliment her face type. Little wonder Pearl Thusi’s sister is considered among the most beautiful South African women on Instagram, where she has more than 95K followers. Prunella doesn’t shy away from facing the camera as she is photogenic.

Additionally, she is an outgoing person. She has visited many wildlife parks in South Africa and has even been on holiday in Dubai. She regularly entertains her fans with beautiful pictures of her social activities. Even though Prunella has kept what she does for a living under wraps, she surely earns a fortune from it as she constantly flaunts her flamboyant lifestyle on social media.

Who is Prunella Thusi Dating?

With her great looks and stunning physical attributes, Prunella Thusi has enchanted many of her male fans over the last few years. However, since she took to the spotlight following her activities on social media, she has never shared posts about her love life. As a result, it’s still uncertain whether Prunella is presently in a romantic relationship or single.

Meet Pearl Thusi’s Second Younger Sister Pamela Thusi

  • Full name: Pamela Silindile Thusi
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: October 27th
  • Ethnicity: Zulu
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Dating
  • Pamela Thusi’s Parents: Bhekiziwe Thusi (father)
  • Siblings: Sithembile Xola Pearl Thusi and Prunella Thusi
  • Famous for: Pamella Thusi Foundation, Pearl Thusi’s sister
  • Pamela Thusi’s Instagram: @pam2c

Pamela is considered the conservative one of the Thusi sisters. She presently has established a budding career in the corporate world and also serves as the founder of the Pamella Thusi Foundation.

Pamela Thusi is Prunella’s older sister. Though her birth year is yet to be made public knowledge, the philanthropist’s birthday is October 27th. Like her sisters, she was born in Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal.

Despite her grandparents being late, Pamela still visits her hometown. In December 2016, she spent the holiday in Hammarsdale and this got her reminiscing about her childhood years and some unforgettable experiences.

Educational Achievements

Pearl Thusi’s sister is passionate about learning and self-development. Thus, she has a great value for quality education. She obtained her first degree; Bachelor of Arts from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. She then proceeded to the University of KwaZulu-Natal where she bagged an Honours degree.

The Zulu native further enrolled for an International Leadership Development Programme at GIBS Business School in early 2022. While studying at the University of Witwatersrand, Prunella Thusi was a member of the school’s basketball team. She also worked alongside Takkies as a choreographer for Rocking In Heels during that time.

What Does Pamela Thusi Do For a Living?

Following in her elder sister’s footsteps, Pamela Thusi first plied her trade in acting. She featured in some short films between 2016 and 2017. Eventually, she moved into the corporate world and has been associated with many organizations, including Metal Industries House in Marshalltown, Gauteng.

Pamela Thusi has also been involved in several projects over the years. They include the Ekhuruleni East College presentation/assessments which took place in March 2017. A vibrant philanthropist, Prunella Thusi’s sister first volunteered at a non-profit organisation called Gibela before moving on to launch her self-named foundation.

While working as a Gibela volunteer, she alongside the team carried out community outreaches, initiating positive changes in schools such as Kwathema Primary School. Consequently, Gibela was recognised with an award on Kwathema Primary School Award day. Pamela and Molly received the award on behalf of the organisation.

Since establishing Pamella Thusi Foundation, Pearl Thusi’s sister follows the same blueprint as Gibela. Her foundation has been reaching out to less privileged communities and schools. Every year, she visit schools, sharing insights with grade 12 students. On December 28th, 2020, her foundation donated some gift items to The Lighthouse Baby Shelter & Children’s Home in Sundowner.

Is Pamela Thusi Married or Dating Anyone?

Pamela Thusi seems to be in a loving relationship and possibly be engaged as she has been spotted with a diamond engagement ring since 2021. Pamela is a private person and thus, doesn’t reveal her love life on social media. Despite being very active on Instagram, the Wits University graduate is yet to talk about her engagement or the man in her life.

Is Pearl Thusi the Oldest Amongst Her Siblings?

Yes, Pearl Thusi is Pamela and Prunella Thusi’s older sister. The Real Black Pearl, as she is fondly called, is 36 years old. She was born Sithembile Xola Pearl Thusi on May 13th, 1988 in Hammarsdale, KwaZulu-Natal. She grew up developing a strong bond with her mother who worked as a nurse.

Having seen her father, Bhekizizwe severally abusing her mum broke her heart as a kid. And this caused a strained relationship between Pearl and her father. Tragically, in 2004, her mother passed away and her death put more strain on the relationship she had with her dad at the time.

Eventually, they got reconciled and were pretty close such that when her father kicked the bucket in 2020, Pearl Thusi had an emotional breakdown which made her take a break from social media. Sadly, the two had already planned things to do together before Bhekizizwe’s death.

Who Has the Highest Net Worth Between Pearl Thusi and Her Sisters

Pearl Thusi’s sisters, Pamela and Prunella Thusi, are doing quite well for themselves despite being at the early stage of their careers. Even though their net worths are yet to be deduced, the two are yet to attain their elder sister’s height of success as Pearl Thusi’s net worth is estimated between $2 million and $5 million.

Prunella and Pamela’s sister is a successful model, actress, radio and TV presenter, and entrepreneur. She started out as a model in the early 2000s and emerged as the first runner-up at Miss SA Teen Pageant in the year 2003. Two years later, she was crowned Miss KwaZulu-Natal.

Throughout her blossoming career, the 36 years old has featured on the cover of top-notch magazines like Elle and City Press’ iMag. She has also appeared in commercials for local and international brands including Toyota, Vodacom, KFC, and DStv. Additionally, Pearl Thusi has accrued tremendous fortune from her work as a MAC cosmetics ambassador.

At the age of 18, the model transitioned to a TV presenter, landing her first gig at SABC. She served as the co-presenter of the kids’ programme, iCrew. She further served as the host of many other TV shows such as Real Goboza, Lip Sync Battle Africa, the South African Music Awards, 1st KZN Entertainment Awards, and MTV Base show, Behind the Story.

Furthermore, Pearl Thusi’s net worth has been accounted for by her numerous acting roles. She is known for starring in Isindingo, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Tremors 5: Bloodlines, Quantico, Kalushi, Queen Sono, and Fistful of Vengeance. Pearl is also the owner of the hair product and wine label, Black Pearl.

What is Pamela and Prunella Thusi’s Relationship with Pearl Like?

The Thusi sisters share a close affinity. They support and cheer up each other in their diverse endeavours. They hang out together and enjoy having special moments as siblings. In December 2020, when Pamella Thusi Foundation donated some items to The Light House Baby Shelter & Children’s Home, Prunella Thusi supported her sister by making donations toward the community outreach.

While Pamela and Pearl Thusi seem to be closer and best friends, the Queen Sono star also looks out for Prunella now and then. She often celebrates the birthdays of her younger ones and shares with her fans pictures and videos of their time together. In 2020, she shared a fun video whereby she and Pamela made revelations about their personalities and growing-up experiences.

In the next year, Pearl Thusi bought two identical friendship rings for herself and Pamela. The rings denote a reminder to always look out for each other and watch one another’s back always. Apparently, the Thusi sisters have epic siblings goals. Also, they have a great ardour for healthy living as they work out regularly. And this has become a habit for the trio.

The Thusi Sisters’ Controversies

Throughout her long-spanning career as an actress, model, radio, and TV personality, Pearl Thusi has been involved in several controversies. She often tops the Twitter trend list and was even dubbed ‘Problematic Twitter Queen.’ In June 2022, she revealed that she has been contemplating deleting her Twitter account since she is no longer active on social platforms.

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Meanwhile, here are some of the controversies that have made the Real Black Pearl grow cold on the bird app.

Fighting Off Trolls Who Dissed Prunella

In January 2021, tweeps disrespected Pearl Thusi’s family when she shared Prunella’s picture on Twitter. A tweep, who mocked Pearl’s younger sister by saying that her beauty isn’t enough to build a home with, wasn’t so lucky as he caught the wrath of the actress.

Pearl Thusi blasted him and called him a broke jobless nigga. She further shaded him by asking him to go back to his mum to raise him again so that he could be more respectful. Afterwards, the Behind the Story host came under fire for her reply as some tweeps said that she should have avoided the guy.

Zola 7’s Case

Pearl Thusi's sisters
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In March 2022, Rumani shared a post regarding Zola 7’s battle with epilepsy and how South African celebrities have kept mum and not shown any support but, would be the first to talk about him, if sadly he passes away. Pearl Thusi replied to the tweet by saying that Zola 7’s gender-based violence case kind of made things a bit tricky.

For bringing up the artist’s GBV case at such a time, Pearl Thusi received heavy backlash from CBD Twitter users. She was dragged on the social media platform and was reminded of how she took sides with Euphonik, who allegedly abused Bonang Matheba.

Bonnie Mbuli’s Clash

Pearl Thusi got involved in a fiery exchange of words with actress Bonnie Mbuli after she stated that Pearl’s skin colour is the reason behind her unprecedented success in the show biz industry. After the heated twar between the two, Pamela and Prunella’s elder sister took to her Instagram stories to express how she was heartbroken by some of the words exchanged.

It was apparent that the fierce war of words had a devastating effect on her as she broke down in tears in the video. After sharing the emotional video, Pearl Thusi decided to find a different approach for her interactions on Twitter as most of her conversation on the platform hasn’t been healthy for her.

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