Meet Siphesihle Ndaba’s Parents, Siblings and Family Members

Siphesihle Ndaba’s parents are South Africans whose names, occupations, and current whereabouts are not publicly known. Regardless, it is public knowledge that the actress has about 15 half-siblings from her father’s side. He had these kids from his intimate relationships with several women. 

While Ndaba has chosen not to reveal the identities of her parents publicly, she doesn’t hide her love for them or even shy away from speaking highly of her mother and grandmother. According to the actress, her mother is her role model and one of the strongest women she has ever known.

Who is Siphesihle Ndaba’s Mother?

Siphesihle Ndaba was born on the 4th of August 1997 to a South African woman with Zulu heritage. The name of her mother, her occupation, and her current whereabouts are under the radar. The actress, who is the only girl and the last child of her mother, was raised by her mother and grandmother.

Raising up three kids was not easy for her mother due to financial constraints. However, her mother resorted to getting government subsidiaries just to see that she raised her kids comfortably and also sent them to school. Siphesihle’s mother also gave birth to two boys named Kelly and Michelle. They are all older than her.

The actress’ childhood was not entirely a rosy one. However, through her mother’s efforts, she was able to attend one of the prestigious colleges in the country – the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.

She joined other girls in the institution from grade 10 to matric, after which she went on to study for a Bachelor of Social Science degree with a triple major in psychology, economics, and drama at Rhodes University.

The Johannesburg-born screen star graduated in the year 2019 with an honors degree in dramatic arts, specializing in acting, physical theatre, and applied theatre. Her initial plan was to become a drama therapist, however, things changed along the line.

Prior to storming the South African entertainment industry, Siphesihle was actively involved in her school’s sports team. She played cricket, rugby, and tennis. While studying at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, she was taught how to play the trombone, trumpet, and jazz music.

She assiduously played the trumpet at her church and was also a jazz band member at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy. These achievements were made possible by her loving mother, who went the extra mile to make her a better person.

This apparently explains why the actress regards her mother as her role model and ‘everything’ in the world. She also loves her grandmother, who was also there for her family during their gloomy days.  

The Fast-rising Actress Has Over 10 Half-siblings From Her Father’s Side

Ndaba’s parents are both from KwaZulu-Natal. Like her mother, the name of her father and what he currently does for a living are under wraps. The actress has successfully kept information about her father away from her fans.

Her father gave birth to over 10 kids with several women he came across. It is not known if Siphesihle’s parents were legally married at the time they gave birth to her. No one also knows the kind of relationship they had while living together.

Going by the available information, we can establish that her father was not involved in her upbringing. Her parents had already separated by the time she was born. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell the exact cause of their separation and if there was an effort to reconcile them.

Currently, no one knows what the actress’ father is up to. However, it appears he has a cordial relationship with his daughter since Ndaba usually takes out time to appreciate him. She celebrated her father during the last Father’s Day celebration.

Ndaba’s Parents are Not Together At the Moment

There are strong indications that Siphesihle’s parents are still living under different roofs, just as they were doing at the time the actress was still young. It’s not clear if they have plans of reconciling and staying under the same roof, at least for the sake of their kids.

Ndaba’s father had romantic relationships with many women, which resulted in him having a total of about 18 kids, including the actress and her siblings. Siphesihle is the only famous person in her family and among her own siblings.

There is no available information about her two older brothers and what they are up to currently. Similarly, the names of all her siblings from her father’s side are yet to be publicized for public consumption.

It is difficult to tell how well the Gomora actress relates with her half and full siblings. She has never mentioned or spoken about any of them. However, she keeps a cordial relationship with all of them and shares a special bond with her two older brothers.

Is Siphesihle Ndaba Themba Ndaba’s Daughter, or are They Related?

Siphesihle Ndaba and seasoned South African actor Themba Ndaba are not related in any way. The two only share the same surname and are fantastic actors, which are the two reasons people often mistake them for having familial relations.

The public’s curiosity about the two Ndabas was sparked by Siphesihle’s emergence in the industry and stellar performance in the popular soap opera Gomora. Themba, as you already know, is a veteran actor who has been active in the industry for many years.

Miss Ndaba’s fans are already excited about her journey as an actress and are already looking forward to seeing her and actor Themba share screen time in the nearest future.

Apart from actor Themba, Sihle Ndaba is another actress that people often assume to be Siphesihle’s blood relation. Like the latter, the former is also an actress who participated in season eight of Idols South Africa and also starred in the most-watched local soapie, Uzalo.

However, like Siphesihle, Sihle was also raised by a single mother in Ermelo, Mpumalanga, where she was born. Siphesihle was born in Johannesburg. We can establish that the two actresses are not related in any way. They are only talented and share the same surname.

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