Meet Prophetess Thenjiwe Of ‘The Church Of Believers With A Lot Of Extra Cash’


To say that pastors are con artists today is a very big understatement because it seems their major concern these days is how to make money rather than win souls as the bible so aptly puts it. As is the norm with every successful business endeavor, there has been a huge rise in the number of pastors, prophets, prophetess, evangelists and all such names that denote the call of anointing on men who we believe are sent by God. But again the very earnest clamor for money and material things makes you wonder if some of these people are actually sent by God.

Over the years, we have heard of the many pastors who sell miracles for a particular price, those who attach conditions to the miracles they perform and even those whose tongues were so glib they could convince their congregation to eat grass and to drink pineapple flavored petrol. It makes you wonder if these miracles are not the very same ones Jesus performed without collecting a dime from anyone.

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We have heard of pastors who have so mastered their acts that they are richer than all of their congregation put together and they still crave more wealth. They treat their members like a man would a money tree and these gullible followers never complain because they expect God to replenish but the question is ‘Why does God not replenish the pastor and leader of the Flock unless it has to come from you?

We heard of the fiasco that took place on social media when a US-based televangelist solicited for funds to buy a new jet. What followed that plea was such an ugly sight that the pastor immediately took down the ad and never mentioned it again but Obviously, the case of our very own Prophetess Thenjiwe is not that of a soliciting pastor but that of a trader with a very inviting article for sale.

In this very shocking Video, Prophetess Thenjiwe of ‘The Church Of Believers With A Lot Of Extra Cash’, is not appealing for funds, Oh No. It sounds more like an advert. God gave her a miracle and asked her to sell it. But whats more ridiculous is the fact that the miracle involves water blocking and then ice melting back to water. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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See what I mean now? Even a baby knows that if u keep ice block out of the freezer until daybreak it will definitely melt. but who knows, your troubles might actually melt away with it after all, our God works in a mysterious way right? Whats even more absurd is the fact that only rich people are invited to the church. Gone are the days when pastors preach prosperity so that the poor will hear and get rich.

She also accepts 100 Euros or Pounds, but explicitly says she will not take Zimbabwean Dollars or Nigerian Naira or any African currency with ‘no value’ Sorry Zimbabweans and Nigerians, You are going to have to try a little harder to buy this particular miracle. From the name of the church alone, you should know if you qualify to be there or not. As for me, I already know where to be come Sunday.