Meet Luyanda Shezi, Lungile from Diep City in Real Life

Luyanda Shezi (born November 7, 1996; Age: 27 years old) is a South African actress and two-time award-nominated thespian famed for playing the role of Lungile in Diep City, the local telenovela.

Although Shezi is relatively new in the acting world, she has gradually grown to become a fan favorite and one of the actresses to watch out for when it comes to small screens. So far, her performance in the industry has won her two enviable nominations for awards.

Summary of Luyanda Shezi’s Biography

  • Full name: Luyanda Shezi
  • Nickname: Lungile
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: November 7, 1996
  • Luyanda Shezi’s Age: 27 years old
  • Ethnicity: Zulu
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Famous for: Portraying Lungile in Diep City
  • Luyanda Shezi’s Instagram: luyanda_s_
  • Twitter: @Luyanda_s_

What Is Lungile from Diep City’s Real Name?

The real name of Lungile from Diep City is Luyanda Shezi. It is the name her biological parents gave to her after her birth. Her name is a Zulu name that means “It (love) is growing.”

From the day she debuted on Diep City as Lungile, many viewers have been wondering what the real name of this actress could be since she is popularly known by her character name. Apart from Lungile, Shezi does not have another name her fans commonly call her.

How Old Is Lungile from Diep City?

Luyanda Shezi is currently 27 years old. She was born to Mr. and Mrs. Shezi on November 7, 1996. The actress’s hometown is Durban, in KwaZulu-Natal province. She is of Zulu descent.

Shezi was born into a supportive family. Unfortunately, the names of her parents, their occupations, and their current whereabouts are not known. It is believed that the actress has siblings, going by the way she talks about her family. However, she is yet to reveal the identities of any of her siblings publicly.

The Diep City star had an amazing and memorable childhood. She was loved by everyone and was very jovial and smart as a young girl. She started showing a great interest in arts from childhood. She was known to be always singing, dancing, and acting out some imaginary circumstance as a kid.

However, as she grew up, she fell in love with Law and decided to major in the course at the university. The exact names of the institutions she received her elementary and high school studies are unknown to the public. She studied forensic criminology and law at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

There are no further details about her studies at the renowned institution, including the year she was admitted and the year she completed her studies. She currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in forensic criminology and law from UKZN.

Shezi Debuted In Diep City In 2021 After A Successful Audition

Even though the actress studied Law at the university, she has always had a soft spot for acting. According to her, she was led to launch her acting career by her guardian angel in her dream. And since then, she has never looked back.

Luyanda’s first role on TV was in the canned television series Rhythm City, wherein she starred as Gugu. Her profile also boasts some theatrical credits, including the play Who’s Next, wherein she portrayed the character Khensani.

Luyanda Shezi had her career breakthrough in 2021 when she successfully auditioned and landed the role of Lungile in Diep City. Her character in the series is a troubled teenage girl who was kidnapped and tortured. Lungile in Diep City, most of the time, faced challenges even in her own family due to the trauma she experienced at the hands of her kidnappers.

Her father was a jobless man who did his best at all times to make ends meet. Lungile was raised by a strict mother who wanted the best for her daughters. In the telenovela, Lungile has a sister who spent five years in jail for the death of their brother, who was killed during a house robbery.

The actress was able to pull off her role in the series because of certain things she shares in common with her character. In her home in real life, her mother is also strict, while her father is the lenient one. And just like Lungile, she shares a special bond with her father. Diep City remains the actress’ most prominent work so far.

She is best known for her role in the project than other roles she has played in the past. Through her role, she has amassed a substantial income and built a massive fan base across the country. The Durban-born actress has no film role yet but has starred alongside some of South Africa’s respected actors, including Dawn Thandeka King, Mduduzi Mabaso, and Hamilton Dlamini.

Diep tells the story of four young women who were introduced to crime in high school. After leaving school, they decided to continue their friendship and participate in all sorts of crimes, including burglary, to make ends meet.

A list of Luyanda Shezi’s Movies and TV Shows

  • Rhythm City
  • Diep City
  • Who’s Next?

Luyanda Shezi Is Currently Single

Luyanda Shezi is not legally married to any man that is known to the public. She is single and probably waiting for the right man to become part of her world. The Durban native is believed to be dating someone secretly even though she hasn’t any man to her fans as her boyfriend.

The Diep City star is known to be secretive when it comes to her personal life. Unlike some of her colleagues who bring matters concerning their love life and private lives on social media, Luyanda ensures her social media pages are all about her work, food, and fun moments.

What Is Luyanda Shezi Height & Body Measurements?

Actress Luyanda Shezi has a chubby face and a well-built body that makes her outstanding. She recently gained weight, which has greatly enhanced her beauty and body build. She stands at a comfortable weight and is naturally curvy and beautiful.

Sadly, she has not shared the exact figures for her height, weight, and other body measurements online for public consumption.

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