Busted! DJ Sbu Claims Companies Are Trying To Steal MoFaya’s Thunder


Media personality DJ Sbu has taken shots at companies who allegedly copied his marketing tactics “to be relevant.”

The artist, who is also a businessman, accused a company that produces drinks of plagiarizing his energy drinks’ marketing campaigns.

However, Sbu did not seem overly angered by this act. Instead, he said he is just flattered at how low people can stoop to gain popularity.

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Taking to Instagram on Thursday afternoon, Sbu called the company “lazy” and promised that they can only copy but can never be as good.

“We are not mad. We wish them well because we know that imitation is the biggest form of flattery,” he wrote, before claiming that while they can be “copywritten,” they could never be “duplicated.”

He added:

“They can try to steal our ideas all they want because they are too lazy to think, but there’s many more where those came from. We are creatives. We innovate. We are gamechangers. We the future.” 

According to media personality DJ Sbu, his energy drink, MoFaya, is more than just a business. He actually claimed that MoFaya is also about telling an African story. Sbu boasted that this is one thing nobody can ever duplicate and that  his competitors are yet to realize it.

He boasted:

“We are building our own Coca Cola. We are showing the world it can be done. We are about changing lives & inspiring a new generation of innovators with a #BillionaireMindset.

“We are the #BillionaireGeneration that’s why we are going to become the no.1 brand! #WeCantBeStopped.”

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Meanwhile, two months ago, DJ Sbu shared a video of an attack on him.

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