MEC Accuses Black Livestock Owners Of Lack Of Care To Animals


In what most black people have called a racist move, Eastern Cape Rural Development and Agrarian Reform MEC Mlibo Qoboshiyane said on Wednesday, that some black livestock owners do no take proper care of their animals and that most of them have a nonchalant attitude concerning the movement of the animals and the things that the animals eat.

He went on to say that if they did, there would not be increasing cases of livestock straying onto roads in rural villages and urban areas where black people live and causing untold harm to motorists who have to go out of their ways to avoid hitting an animal and damaging their cars or even killing the animals in the process.

He said that the provincial livestock population is “facing extinction” because their owners do not bother taking care of them and because of their careless behaviors, which he called criminal. Stating the obvious, he said that such careless behaviors was lamentable because a sheep could fetch up to R1500, a goat R1500, and cattle about R10 000 each.

The province has an estimated 3.6 million cattle, 8 million sheep, 450 000 dogs, and 350 000 horses.

Qoboshiyane said it was clear that any animal seen grazing next to roads is owned by people who do not care about their animals’ safety and well-being and would let it wander as it sees fit even when it is detrimental to its health and to the owners pocket as well.

“We cannot allow a situation where people die because of the carelessness of other people who own livestock.”

He called on livestock owners to take better care of their animals, make sure they did not graze next to roads, and that there was a shepherd looking after them. It appeared that confiscating stray livestock was no deterrent. He called on people to report stray animals to the SPCA in a bid to prevent accidents.

“We don’t want to see any more accidents and deaths caused by straying livestock. This must end now.”