Malema A Saviour Like Mandela And Jesus Christ


EFF’s leader Julius Malema is at it again. This time, not to criticize the ruling party ANC or president Zuma as has always been the case, this time, Malema wants you to know the important people who guide his thinking and provide him with inspiration. They are Mandela and Jesus Christ.

Malema who was speaking with Financial Mail interviewer said his thoughts and inspiration comes from two important people – Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ.

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When questioned on his opinions about people’s view of him as a dictatorial, he answered by saying he is no different from Mandela and Jesus christ.

“Mandela was not a dictator. Mandela rose the way I rose and that goes [for] Jesus Christ as well. Jesus Christ was not a dictator, he was just making miracles and saving people,”

“We all rise through the conditions we find ourselves in and it is actually a statement of hatred. When you can’t find fault in this man, you just dismiss him, [by saying] that he’s going to be a dictator so that people must be scared of the unknown.

There has been a growing concern that should the EFF be given leadership power under a “tyrant” like Malema, the country would be chaotic and would also speedily go bankrupt. But in reply to this, Malema simply said: “I will never be a dictator, I was never brought up by a dictator.”

It was also noted that Malema follows and is inspired by the lives and actions of past revolutionaries such as Russian communist Vladimir Lenin, Nelsen Mandela and lots more.

“All of those that we praise, Fidel [Castro], Vladimir Lenin, Thomas Sankara [president of Burkina Faso 1983-1987], President Mandela, Winnie Mandela, came because they were pained by the living conditions and the suffering of the people on the ground inspired them and they started fighting for those people.

“It is that thing that informs me, that thing that burns in me, when I want to sit at home [and] enjoy my beautiful wife and small family, and … ‘you can’t sit back when our people are suffering, you ought to stand up and fight’,” Malema said.

Malema is known for his strong opposition to the ruling ANC party mostly for what he calls their inability to deepen the socio-economic imbalance in the country by not providing for the poor all they needed to get from the government.

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In recent weeks, Malema has traveled to various nooks and crannies, digging for votes ahead of the local government polls. However, most of his visit are greeted with a violent attack by people deemed to be ANC supporters.

Gunshots were heard as he addressed a rally in Nkomazi, which was delayed by a couple of hours because there was shooting between ANC and EFF supporters in the build-up, in scenes reminiscent of the 1980s clashes between ANC and Inkatha supporters. Yet not deterred by all those, Malema is determined to forge ahead in retrieving power from the ANC.

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