Mandela’s Grandson Arrested And Languishing At The Sun City Prison


Nelson Mandela’s grandson Mbuso Mandela is currently cooling off behind bars for failing to pay his minor child’s maintenance.

Mbuso was arrested at his family home in Houghton and has been behind bars since Thursday after a magistrate squashed his bail application last week.

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He was frog-marched by Norwood police station officers to the court after he missed an earlier court date and for defying an earlier warrant of arrest.

The  Sunday World reported that the child’s mother accused Mbuso of neglecting their child despite inheriting R4-million from Nelson Mandela Foundation Trust.

Though the woman denied having any knowledge about the arrest, she, however, reportedly said: ”

“I was forced to go to court to get him to support his child since he got his inheritance money. But still, he does not want to contribute anything. I received a call from Mbuso’s elder brother Ndaba telling me Mbuso Mandela was arrested.

He asked me if the arrest had anything to do with my case and I told him the court had issued a warrant for his arrest, but the police had not told me they had arrested him.

“All I know is that they have been looking for him since December and have been to his house countless times looking for him.”

Mbuso’s brother, Ndaba Mandela, was, however, unhappy with the arrest and with the mother of his brother child. Ndaba claimed he often sends R4 000 a month for Mbuso’s child and there was no need for the arrest.

He insisted that the young woman must appreciate the money Mandela’s family has been offering for the child’s maintenance rather than acting foolishly. He insisted that she must drop the case.

“Did she see the money physically? She must drop the case because what she says Mbuso does not do, I have been doing it for him. I’m paying that woman R4 000 every month for the child, and there’s no need for her to go ahead with the case, She must appreciate we are supporting her child,” Ndaba said.

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Mbuso faces a contempt of court charge and is due back in court on Thursday, January 19.

This is not the first time Mbuso Mandela has been in conflict with the law. In 2015, he was accused of rape but the charges were later dropped in 2016.