ANC Won’t Remove Zuma Because Mbeki’s Removal Taught Them A Lesson


The African National Congress has revealed why it refused to remove President Jacob Zuma from power or support impeachment moves against him. According to the party, recalling Zuma will be a recipe for disaster because Mbeki’s removal from office really taught them a lesson – once bitten, twice shy, I suppose.

The ruling party, which has apparently made up its mind not to get burnt again further stated that recalling Zuma could have dire consequences for the ANC as it will end up sending the enfeebled party to extinction.

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Speaking to the ruling party’s Amathole district branches at the University of Fort Hare’s Alice campus‚ ANC Secretary General, Mantashe Gwede added that the National Working Committee unanimously agreed to pardon and forgive due to lessons from past experiences.

The meeting was held in order to get the views of the branches on the ruling of the Constitutional Court on the Nkandla matter.

During the closed session meeting with branch members, Mantashe also urged them to rally behind Zuma by sustaining their support and loyalty, rather than creating avenues for opposition groups to crush the ruling party to death. He bluntly noted that ANC’s present predicament began in Nkandla then moved to “Gupta town”‚ and finally stopped at the Constitutional Court.

Mantashe indirectly attributed the formation of opposition party, COPE, and formation of EFF by Julius Malema to divisions that arose after Mbeki’s removal.

Aftermath Of Mbeki’s Removal

He said, “After the removal of Thabo Mbeki we had the formation of COPE which won 37 seats in parliament. When we fired a youth league president‚ he formed his own party and took a lot of young people in the youth league with him. All we are saying is that we should be more careful now and consider all the options and we are basically weighing risks that go with various options.”

Furthermore, the ruling party’s scribe warned party stalwarts to stand against pressure from opposition parties since the party is now focusing on uniting the branches and the alliance ahead of the Local Government Elections.

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President Zuma has received divided response from his party after he officially apologized to South Africans about the way he handled the affairs of his Nkandla homestead.

On Tuesday, Mantashe asserted that he wished the Pan African Congress (PAC) party was stronger in the political arena than the Democratic Alliance (DA). He made this known while addressing the family of late liberation struggle hero and former PAC president‚ Clarence Mlamli Makwetu‚ in Gwatyu Farms in Cofimvaba where visited them.

He thereafter called on PAC members to strife to secure their party’s glorious liberation history before it becomes extinct.

“As the ANC‚ we talk about our past leaders and the PAC should talk about its leaders and not just one president [founding president Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe]. That can help revive the PAC. Things would be better if it was someone from the left who argues with you than the DA‚” he added.

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