‘Mbeki Intentionally Allowed South Africans To Perish With AIDS And History Will Judge Him Harshly’ – TAC


Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) has tongue-lashed former President Thabo Mbeki for his opinion on HIV/AIDS which as claimed, caused the death of many South Africans.

Responding to the former president’s recent letter about the HIV/AIDS drama during his time as president, TAC slammed Mbeki stating that “the impact of Mbeki’s Aids denialism was catastrophic.”

To TAC, the former president intentionally allowed South Africans to perish with the disease. “He intentionally delayed the introduction of life-saving treatment to the people he was trusted to serve,” TAC stated.

Mbeki in his letter titled – ‘Brief Commentary on the Question of HIV and Aids’, penned that he “…never said ‘HIV does not cause Aids’. This false accusation was made by people who benefited from trumpeting the slogan ‘HIV causes Aids’ as though this was a religious edict.

What I said is that ‘a virus cannot cause a syndrome’. As you know, Aids is an acronym for ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome’ – therefore Aids is a syndrome, i.e. a collection of well-known diseases, with well-known causes. They are not, together, caused and cannot be caused by one virus! I said that HIV might be a contributory cause of immune deficiency – the ID in Aids!”

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Refuting Mbeki, TAC professed that a virus can cause a syndrome and that it has long been proven that HIV causes Aids. They said Mbeki’s “word games in this regard are cowardly”, and related that “many of our family members, friends and comrades died while Mbeki’s government dragged its feet and indulged pseudo-scientific nonsense.

Yet, neither in his letter, nor in any other forum that we are aware of, has Mbeki apologised or showed any remorse or acknowledgement of his role in the over 300 000 avoidable Aids deaths in South Africa. Instead, he has chosen to repeat many of the flawed arguments he used in the early 2000s.”

TAC further related that “under Mbeki’s watch, life-expectancy in South Africa dropped to 54 in 2005,” but “recovered dramatically in the post-Mbeki era to 63 in 2015.

The important point, and the point Mbeki still refuses to face, is that he intentionally delayed the introduction of life-saving treatment to the people he was trusted to serve.

He has refused to take responsibility or to apologize to any of those who suffered directly or indirectly because of his actions. For this history will judge him harshly. He deserves it,” TAC remarked.

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